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  1. Back browsing site after long time away...Please note that no true CISSp would risk their cert to provide braindumps to someone. The certification requires 5 years of experience before they will aloow you to earn it, so that weeds out some candidates. The CCure site is not a braindump site , but offers assistance to people just like this one does. They do have practice test databases you can try, but these questions are NOT the exam questions. I speak from experience on this as I did all the questions they had at the time (1700) just before I wrote and there wasn't one on the exam . The Shon Harris All in One book is considered the best study book available, but you still need to know a little about a lot of stuff. Good luck to anyone wanting to try the 6 hour exam
  2. I've never seen a job ad asking for SCNS,SCNP,or SCNA Security + just is a basic cert and will NOT usually get you a security job. Add a CISSP with it and it might, but the CISSP requires 5 years experience to get it.
  3. "i know that there is another way as an alterenative for the 4 years experience, i'm sure of it because they did some changes for that, and the youngest CISSP is 17 years old !! that's mean he wasn't security expert for 4 years neither college nor anything !" Where did you find that information? And you don't need to be "security expert" for 4 years, only have 4 years experience in one of the 10 CBK's
  4. Start with Security+ first . Read a couple Security+ books and the exam is a breeze as it is generic security stuff. This shows you have a basic knowledge of Security . You would be surprised what transferrable knowledge a network admin position gives for security jobs. A big one is knowing access controls. You also know basic networking. These are 2 of the 10 CBK's (common body of knowledge areas) for the CISSP exam. If you are already working, see if you have a security group with your company and call them up to pick their brain. Thats what I did. Check if you have a dedicated firewall group, (especially with ISA experience) Start reading CISSP exam books to increase your knowledge. The Shon Harris All in One and the Official Guide are the 2 most recomended. Use the site for free test questions. Good luck
  5. SSCP is looked upon as a the younger brother to the CISSP but is still considered more prestigious than security plus. If you have the required 4 years (or 3years and college); skip the SSCP and go straight for the CISSP. A lot of security jobs now require at least CISSP, not SSCP .
  6. Both certs are good basic starting points, and requirements for most entry level positions. As well, you can use them as electives for the Microsoft cert program.
  7. Can you fill the rest of us in on what you found. Thanks
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  10. I'd go with trainer . Slightly better pay, but the important point is the work evironment is better . You can't place a price on job satisfaction.
  11. Its funny because its true.....
  12. FYI Every Friday they post the new jobs ...
  13. Home page is
  14. I wish I was qualified for this one....