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  1. sounds like someone took a programming job and they can't deliver or it could be homework.
  2. sheesh, I tell ya - that screeeeeem guy used to SPAM the crap outta my inbox ....tons of reported posts... but it's cut down since he was able to handle it himself
  3. I can attest to this one first hand.. as I'm rich(compared to my parents ) and handsome.. and have a very good look wife (and little girl)
  4. PHP / MySQL would be pretty simple... of course the .NET languages will work too...
  5. C# is an open standard, the only thing that isn't open is the actual .NET framework, which isn't required... if you really wanted to, you could write you own framework for C# that contains everything you commonly use. Just a thought. I've worked in C# .NET/VB .NET & PHP and C++ over the last three years..
  6. I'll give you the code on the 11th, if you post code as you've written I'll give you tips and what you're doing wrong Very Well said, true enough.
  7. what happen when you click on button to start the service? sometimes it take a little time to start(button will turn into green). Also check if you have other service running which occupying the same port required for apache or mysql. Also which version you using? old or latest? Check services.msc for other services running on those ports...
  8. We've tried to restrict it - but it just happens...
  9. Add " btnDelete.Attributes.Add("onclick", "java script:return confirm('Are you sure you want to delete')");" to your Page_Load event... currently, when the button is pressed - the popup attribute it added, so on the first click it's added, on the second click, it's fired.
  10. dump your users into a list from AD, then get a file comparing app... assuming it's all in the same format (CSV, tab delimited, etc)
  11. How's the application design going?
  12. Your issue is an issue with the different subnets between the two locations. I'm going to move this thread to the networking area. You'll receive better assistance there. Best Regards, Phybr
  13. Reinstall.
  14. uhh, what's A-Level? - I'm in the states, we don't have that terminology here.. but I'll take my McChicken certification..
  15. Personally, wireless is my favorite area (along with programming) - but currently, as a software consultant - its not something I would use.