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    Computer Science Degree For It?! Why

    I am 2 classes away from my 4 year degree in Computer Science and I can tell you that I have done absolutely nothing with IT. Infact I been semi trained to hate microsoft and all that is windows lol. The truth of the matter is I realized working as a programmer for the summer that I didnt like the job. I liked programming my own things but as a job I didnt like it. So i made the switch to prepairing for an IT job. I have a minor in CIS wich I can say was a clear joke (at least in my school) . All they really do is teach you microsoft office programs and basic computer knowledge. CS in my school is much harder an example of the difference is in CS taking a class called operating systems means learning to build operating systems. Ideas followed by actually implementing them in code to write parts of an operating system. The same class but CIS would be sitting there clicking around in windows learning how to do common everyday tasks. I know this might not be the same for every school even most infact but I have been greatly disapointed with my schools CIS program. Ok back to the topic My simple point was that computer science you learn less about IT then if you do a few certifications. I took my A+ Network+ and MCP and working on my MCSA in 2 months and learned more about IT things then I learned in 3 years of comp science. Compaired with a 2 year networking degree from a trade skill college or a 4 year comp science degree you learn more about IT in the 2 years! My question was why do companys require comp science more then any networking degree or certs where you learn more about the job you will be preforming.
  2. Hey all. I always wondered this question. Computer science has NOTHING to do with IT at all. You learn little to nothing at all about networks and administering over them. Rather you learn lots of programming and theory with a spash of math. Why would companys require CS degrees for IT jobs? It just does not make sense to me.
  3. neoblue123

    Is My A+ And Network+ Certs Useless?

    ok thanks for the input guys I guess there really not so useless quick question If I get my mcsa after that to get my mcse I would have to take 4 more tests not 3 correct? mcsa 2003 cant be used as an elective for mcse 2003 and the network+ and A+ cant be used as electives for mcse2003
  4. So I got both but Did I pay comptia a whole lot of money for no reason? I am new in the IT field but what I see many think these certs are so basic there not even worth getting so did I just waste $350 usd + the cost of books? so about $400