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    I need Career Advice

    Hi guys I need new job and have come to realised that certification is a sure way of getting a good one. I am experienced in programming and networking I have networks I manage and also develop small window applications in .net I have Mikrotik certificate MTCNA Now, I need a bigger job and need advice on which direction to take My new area of interest is security, I love it so much and will really want to advance in it very well I have studied so many security+ materials and found them interesting and have even deployed security on networks I manage. Pls advice me
  2. Hi guys I just set up ftp site on IIS Win 2003 When I tried viewing files from other computers on the network, no problem but when I try to download any file I get access denied message below 550 /filename: Access is Denied. Whe I tried the same on the server itself no error message and the file downloaded successfully. Please what could be the problem? IIS v6 on win 2003 Ftp site do not isolate users, ftpsite read access.
  3. When I tried to search the web with Google.com on a device I need to deploy with my application, I found so many manufacturers website. My problem is, how do I know which manufacturer is real and which is a scammer The fact that I manufacturer accepts Mastercard, Visacard and others with a verifiable https certificate, enough to conclude that it is real? How do I verify their contact address is real? They seems to have a reliable support system, is this enough? Their phone numbers are reachable, can this be a measure? They also accept international wire for bank transfer, is this a measure? I have a number of friends who have fallen victim of e-bussiness scammers and I dont want to join the list. Pls I need your advice.
  4. BeePee4u

    Windows Logon too slow

    Thank friends Actually, I have the AD on the same subnet as the clients and A mikrotik Router as (DNS server and gateway) Everyone can access the internet fine. But the problem is only during logon I have checked event viewer and found some domainname related errors there. I will ty to correct them as much as I could and get back to you Thanks so much
  5. Hi guys I am new to Active directory on Win2003 and I just configured it for roaming users and its working "fine". The one problem is that when users tries to log into the domain it takes about 5 minutes to login which is not good enough. How can i quicken things up. Local logon is fast but the domain logon is too slow Thanks in adv
  6. BeePee4u

    Discount Vouchers For All Country

    Please I need exam vouchers for the security + exam (SY0-201) Thankx in adv.
  7. Hi guys I need to rformat my OS and I dont want to loose any of the installed updates Rathers, I dont want to waste bandwidth downloading updates all over again Win Update and possibly application updates Thankx
  8. Hi guys I have a Win2003 server running AD and a mikrotik router as the gateway to the network Mikrotik router running Hotspot, DNS, DHCP, & NAT is the gateway to the network while The Win2003 server is running Active directory and it is on the same network segments as other Windows clients and the router. Now, I want a situation in which ONLY Active Directory authenticated users(domain members) can communicate with the router. i.e non-domain members should not be able to communicate with the router. So that ONLY domain members get Hotspot login page. Mikrotik router IP = Win2003 with AD IP = others WinClients IP's = - Do I have to make the router as well a domain member on not? If yes, How? If no, Any suggestion? Thankx in advance.
  9. Hi guys I'm new to Win 2003 server I want to what I can get from Win2003 Actually, I have being to the microsoft website to know the features of Win2003 But, I want to know if the application installed on a Active Directory server will also be made available the client computers/users when ther join the domain. Or, will I still have to install applications on individual computers for users on the network. I have a student Lab with 150computers and intend to use Win2003 to do the management( I want to make room for roaming users as well) Thanks for your contributions
  10. BeePee4u

    Mcpd Certification Path Requirements

    Thank a million I have the self study guide for 70-536, I want to read it on my own and when ready for the exam, register for the exam at a testing center. Is this acceptable by microsoft?
  11. BeePee4u

    HP dv5z-1000 and WinXP installation

    Hi guys Sorry for been cut off from this post all these while, it just that I have not been receiving notifications. I am a bit skeptical about clearing NVRAM as some ppl says it may damage the board and I dont want to do anything that will void the warant Recently, I contacted HP and explain everything to them. HP customer care told me that HP will look into the matter and possibly release an update that will fix that bug and that the update shold be available in about one month time from now. So I should keep checking their website for updates. So that mean there is a hope now of fixing this mess in about a month time. So lets wait and see what happens Thanks a million
  12. BeePee4u

    HP dv5z-1000 and WinXP installation

    Zalas, trust me I have tried about three diffrent HDD (Stiil the same) I also tried another laptop of the same model & exact config (Still the same) The BIOS will not allow me disable/enable any of the peripherals I also applied the bios upgrade found on HP website for that model (Still the same) I am more that fed-up I now have two of these systems here
  13. BeePee4u

    HP dv5z-1000 and WinXP installation

    Yes I did I've tried another memory (512mb) yet same error at the same point
  14. BeePee4u

    HP dv5z-1000 and WinXP installation

    Yes, I did I also deleted all partitions including the recovery partition Is it possible for this problem to be as a result of the microprocessor architechure ? My mind says it may be from the BIOS, becos this BIOS do not allow me to change any settings apart from the boot sequence.
  15. BeePee4u

    HP dv5z-1000 and WinXP installation

    The bios update did not make any significant difference. Maybe I should erase the NVRAM as earlier suggested but I dont know how to do that. Anybody with any idea? Still on the search for a way out of this mess