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  1. i just survived the exam last July...i got 90/100 hehehe most of the questions are situational the LAB worked helped half of the exam. my next target is either GCIH or GCFE
  2. i just survived the SECURITY+ exams today...WHEW thank u Sadikhov family for the say newbies that are pursuing security make sure you REALLY REVIEW and just dont depend on PRACTICE TESTS...some of what i studied is not in the exam and there are surprising QUESTIONS so you have to be UPDATED about security i only scored 806 next target CPTE by MILE2
  3. check their site they have the syllabus that you can download....i already scheduled to take SY301 on the 24th wish me lng...feels like cramming although i studied and practice(answering practice exams)
  4. thanks planning to pursue a Pen Test career thats why im building foundations...although im not anymore new to IT going 10yrs already...i reach to a point in my career that i got bored simply because i was moved to another team that has less pressure than im doing before...since ive got lots of time to study for my security track im going to take my Security+ (SY0-301)next month(sept) then take CEH or CPTE on November/December(assuming i got the study materials ahead of time) Pholarbi can i borrow your CPTE materials if its ok with you? kindly email me if its ok thank you thank you
  5. hello guys, im starting to build a training laptop/desktop to have VMware Workstation 5 and what im planning is installing Win2k3, Win2k8, WinXp,Ubuntu and another linux distribution. here are the hardware i saw in FutureShop possible prospects: Everyday computing Toshiba 15.6" AMD Sabine A8-3520M 8GB Ram 750GB Hard Drive 1GB AMD Radeon HD 6470m and AMD Radeon HD 6620M 6 cell battery HP AMD FX-6100 3.30 GHZ (CPU Tower) 8GB Ram 2TB Hard Drive SuperMulti DVD Burner Radeon HD7570 Entertainment laptop DELL17.3" Intel Core i7-2670 8GB RAM 500GB Hard Drive 1GB NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M 6 cell battery
  6. i suggest you go to their site
  7. i suggest you get the CBT for it then from there you have to either build your own or buy their ilab for your access to their LAB environment
  8. hello Masters, just want to ask your expert opinions on which to take/buy CBT/exam after i studied. id like to shift my career into security my specialization now is performance/load testing(LoadRunner) CEH(ecouncil) or CPTE(mile2) i can only see the COST as a PRO/CONS CEH online course(CBT/live video) CPTE online course(CBT/live video) 750USD 500/550 exam voucher exam voucher 500USD 250USD how about career/professional life wise? those who are CEH or CPTE holders i really appreciate if you can comment on this thanks in advance
  9. i suggest if you include XML and Perl to your arsenal you would be able to make a reuseable script that can be used to any programs something like a template. if you have a version control tool(such as Harvest, Subversion, ChangeMan, ClearCase etc) or JOB Scheduler you can do the automation through those systems. for the OS side we use batch files or perl scripts that is plugged to Windows Scheduled task for our daily maintenance scripts a nice to have is to use "sendmail" program so that as soon as your automation finishes the output generated would be sent to you or to your group via mail. sometimes i do redirects so that i can have a copy of the automation jobs to my blackberry so that i wont be logging in to my laptop from time to time. hope this helps
  10. do you have something like a java or c++ for dummies that i can grasp? most materials i have makes you confuse further and it doesnt help me as a newbie thanks in advance
  11. for me you should pursue Administration coz there are more POSITIONS out there than Network Engineers specialize 1 or more OS like Solaris/Unix/Windows/Linux it will take you further your 50k will just be an allowance if you happen to be the Administrator in the company
  12. Actually if you already have an A+ certification already if your into fixing computers your minimum department/group in an organization is in MIS/tech support fixing hw/sw. try exploring your opportunities in a Call Center company for starters you have to be a hands-on person not just being a certified person. sometimes your credibility depends on what you KNOW and how you deal with the problem your certification will just help you BOOST what you know and better market your resume. so dont just RELY on your certification be a hands-on person also. GOODLUCK on your IT career
  13. hi guys i am recently a administrator of an Enterprise tool for version control but i feel like i need to learn more of the developing softwares out there to support and provide advice to our developers my current skills(programming/coding) i can read and understand shell scripts and able to create portions of automation by the tool. my dilema is i want to learn at least 1 programming language for me to support my company. softwares at work: java 1.1 to current websphere 5x websphere 6x websphere 7x (ongoing project) C C++ perl xml Enterprise tool: ChangeMan DS apache subversion (project ongoing in replacement to ChangeMan DS) Harvest (project ongoing in replacement to ChangeMan DS) most of the coding i need is for creating build environments(a compilation step/program/script) that will remotely executed from the Enterprise tool going to the build/compilation server once it was compiled the compiled version will be placed back to the Enterprise tool. my problem is how can i learn programming fast i know how to code for a few lines but not as systematic or well designed/organized in a program. please give me a tip on studying/learning fast programming for either perl or java if it includes xml im really thankful. thank you masters in advance
  14. i agree with goodspeed you only have 40Gb and you created lots of partition...whats the other partitions will function as?! just curious the only solution i think is to use a 3rd party software which is the famous Partition Magic or any other partion software you can find
  15. Dude my guess is that your powersupply is not supplying enough power to your CPU...if you add some components(like additional CDwriter then extra HD etc.)the default supply is now being shared by extra components that is why your hardware is having those Flucktuations the power supply is giving its best to supply all those components with your additional components... your board also might be affected because of the sudden power downs worst if your processor is beginning to smell like burning tire... my pc at home experience this thats why we remove some components unfortunately our new combo drive burned already and the additional make sure to calculate the Voltages your components will be using it should sum up to your power supply if it exceeded change your power supply i learned it the hard way and its expensive im going to buy those stuff again....and make sure you are the one maintaining it...i let my brother maintain im going to do it myself