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  1. As you may know and must know, it is a copy righted material and can not be shared here, you should buy it if yo want
  2. Have you checked your certificiate plannar in your microsoft profile ?
  3. Check it here: http://www.certguard.com/ You will see that that site is an illegal one
  4. mmm, the projects of schools! CLOSED
  5. Please have a look at sadikhov rules, your question is not related to our forum. CLOSED
  6. Wow that seems so good. So many improvements after these years. Congratulations on your achievements
  7. Hi there, A warm welcome back Goodspeed... Regards
  8. Make sure of the same range of IP addresses , so each PC can ping the other one
  9. To my opinion the best solution will be to rar the 20GB in to 3 files with 8.5 GB. So that they will need to unrar starting from the DVD 1, then DVD 2 and then DVD 3.
  10. Examcrap ones are not legitimate. Try to use the ones who are known as legitimate from certguard.com
  11. CLOSED
  12. The link for microsoft is not working
  13. Dear member, I suggest you to read the sadikhov rules before you create a topic. According to the sadikhov rules you are not allowed to discuss any properties of dumps which includes requesting, asking for any kind of versions, discussing the dump tests and etc. This topic is closed now and will be deleted soon