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    ~passed~ 70-400

    Hi All, Can anyone who has passed this exam, tell me what material they have used. I have some hands on experience and have cbt nuggets for this exam. Hope somebody can shed some light on this. Thanks, Xsi
  2. xsifactor

    Mcse 2k3 . My Journey And Experience

    BOFH, u have time and again proved that u have a firm head above ur shoulder. no wonder a lot of people including me respect u as a senior member in Sadikhov. and as far as the contradiction of my post is concerned. i really dont c any. some of u didnt get the message of my post. its really not abt the ethics of using tk. infact thats all together a different issue and anybody who has a prob with it, wldnt be reading this post or be a part of sadhikov. i have taken a year to get my MCSE( from the day i started in this track). if i had to just dump it, i wld have completed my MCSE in 15 days flat. the whole pnt of my post, was to highlight the fact that exams r totally dumpable and the use of tk is a reality. and reality bytes!!! even i 2 cant afford a fail and hence use tk, so no contradictions guyz. why do some of u get offended so quickly when this touchy topic comes up. take it easy guyz. we r a part of the same family called sadhikov, so plz no temper flares. i am just someone "who likes to state things as it is". i am not a guy who likes to post , hey i got 1000/1000 and that too in under 10 mins. am i not a champ!!! plz pat me and praise me(pssst.. dont tell anyone that 100% of the questions where from tk ) get the essence of my post. dont look 4 contradictions.
  3. xsifactor

    Mcse 2k3 . My Journey And Experience

    Hi Guyz, Its been a long and arduous 2005 for me. I have atlast mananged to become an MCSE 2K3. It feels good to have finally attained this landmark. But I don’t feel top of the world. At one end I am happy for all that I learnt this past year abt MS technology and the other end I really am not elated coz I know that anyone with a good memory can become an MCSE. The MCSE exams have grown progressively tougher right from NT(piece of cake) to 2K(some effort) to finally 2K3(bit more effort). The reality has still not changed which is that even a 10 year old with a good memory can become an MCSE. Here is what I feel that an MCSE cld do 4 u and why 1 shld get an MCSE- 1) it gets u a few more interviews and a foot in the door for some. 2) it gets u that promotion u always wanted 3) it gets u the title of Engineer( if u already have not got one at university) I find it really funny when guyz brag and beat a drum abt getting 900+ scores and 1000 on MCP exams. Give me a break guyz , plz give me a break. I myself have attained 900+ score on most exams and even attained 1000 on MCP exams. The reason I laugh at this sense of elevated achievement is coz what is the use of beating a drum when u know that between 75-100% of the questions u had already known before the exam. Surely, surely there r a few guyz here who have taken exams such as GRE , GMAT , LSAT etc. there wld also be guyz here like myself who hold formal IT qualifications. Did u ever get 2 c even 1 question prior to these exams . I have done abt 5 years of formal Uni studies and managed to get a perfect score on a couple of these . I am proud of that as I worked my a** of 2 get that. Why wld I ever be proud of getting 1000 on an MCP exam when I had seen 85% of the question b4 the exams. What is the big thing abt getting the remaining few new/ wrong questions(15-20%) from TK rite. The reason I, like everyone here is forced 2 use tk is coz MS exams have two major flaws- 1) the question r really really tough( I have heard of / known guyz with 10 yrs+ exp, who never used TK(coz they didn’t know abt it) and ended up getting scores of below 600 repeatedly , yes I repeat below 600. this is after having studied MS Press ) . some questions r way outta context and most exams r interdependent on each other. 2) there r few questions in the db . Typically between 100-400. this makes it easily dumpable. The above two reasons can be corrected by the following 1) make the questions moderate to easy. Anyone who puts in a good effort with MS press shld be able to pass. 2) Make a database of atleast 1500- 2000 questions. It shld take u more time to study tk than it shld take u 2 study MSPress. Thus making the use of TK less sensible. But hey I don’t design ms exams and I don’t c anything gr8 in ms effort of simulations as the simulations r mostly easy and they 2 appear in tk in a matter of days. I find it really funny when people take exams in all odd manner. There r guyz who take design exams right in the beginning. Give me a break guyz, design exams r probably the toughest MS exams out there. But thanx to TK, anyone can pass these in 2 days. I really cant figure out how u can understand design without understanding the core. Same goes with a lot of other exams which r strongly interdependent on each other. People here brag abt having passed an exam in 7 days. Personally I think that it wld take atleast 3-4 weeks to understand and assimilate the knowledge for each exam. But hey maybe there r a lotta smart guyz who can do it in 7 or less days. Here r a few useful snippets but real facts ( dumpsters triumph) 1) Fastest time to become MCP. Approx 6-8 hrs. most guyz know this exam number. I am not mentioning it. 2) Fastest time to become MCSE. I have personally heard of 13 days. But maybe someone has beaten this. I hold more respect for guyz who hold CISSP, CCIE and Citrix certs , coz I believe they guyz know their stuff. In conclusion, I am not here to judge or ridicule anyone or what means u have used to attain an MCSE. For me its abt satisfying myself and not anyone else. I am happy for the little I know. Plz forgive me if I have offended anyone’s feelins.no offence meant.This is just a collection of my personal thoughts. Remember always, by dumping exams ur not fooling anyone, but only urself. U will someday reap the benefits of the hardwork u put in. Lastly have a gr8 New Year. Thanx again 2 a lot of people who helped me in my effort. I am off for the fireworks to celebrate. Work hard and lets all try to make the industry value and trust us MCSE’s and not make them think that we r a bunch of good memory guyz. all comments r welcomed. So long XsiFactor
  4. xsifactor

    Microwave Wireless

    guess this topic is in the wrong section. this forum is to discuss wireless certifications and not general wireless issues. probably this topic shld be in general>hardware>wireless or something like that
  5. xsifactor


    Hi All, Wondering if anyone has taken this exam yet as i guess its available. Plz share ur experiences and ur study tools(there dont seem to be any cbt or [productbanned] for these just yet) anxious to know more abt this one!! XsiFactor