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    Why do people make flawed networks

    No, I'm not. What's regarding that network, there's a non-zero probability, that there was NO designer at all and the network grew spontaneously.
  2. pedalkin

    Why do people make flawed networks

    the answer is: "it depends" Probably they were running relatively small number of workstations from the beginning, then with the company's dramatical growth they installed more hosts and IT dept couldn't release new requirements for management. Probably they have software which is installed in different geographical locations and is bound to an IP addresses of the machines. And I believe it's not an issue when it doesn't prevent business to run OK. Simplicity is the power!
  3. pedalkin

    Anybody From Russia

    next hop - следующий роутер cabinet - ящик, бокс, шкаф.
  4. pedalkin

    Bind IP to MAC

    Some kind of passive solution is to implement arpwatch on linux. Just create arp entries file on you linux box and copy all the traffic to it.