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  1. imran.nazir


    I passed the test yesterday and boy was it hard. I've took a lot of certs and this has to be one of the hardest ones along with solaris 10 second exam. My signature is out dated and I've about 7 years of win/unix network administration under my belt. I just never bothered to learn cisco because at my work place it was setup and configured and I never had the need to make changes since it's so stable until now...I plan on taking the ccnp boot camp next year which is two weeks after getting some time behind cli... For anyone wanting to go to boot camp for ccna...I highly recommend going to unitek in freemont, ca. The instructors name is Drew Gransmiller and he's one of best instructors I've learned from. Everything was explained in great detail and unlike a lot of other boot camps no dumps were used in class...We did not even use the book, everything was hands on. I did use ACME to get a feel of the test and had learned enough to know that 3 questions were wrong in there... Good luck to everyone taking ccna.
  2. imran.nazir


    After avoiding Cisco for a while I finally decided to dive in because of work requirements. It's been a while since I've visited this site. How's everyone? I m currently in the CCNA boot camp and should be taking the 640-802 this weekend, fingers crossed. From what I m hearing Cisco turned this into a very tough exam...I've a great instructor and I've some experience behind CLI so I m hoping for the best. What topics are hit the most in the exam? Any tips?
  3. imran.nazir


    There are those that want to be ccie and there are those that would like to become ccie. which one are you?
  4. google siw download and you can connect to all machines through their ip's from your workstation and it will list everything you need. To run the scan on the network run angry ip so you know what ip's are taken and then use siw to get the info on them...i had to do that before and it's not fun when you have to goto each pc... Thanks, Imran
  5. imran.nazir

    Need Urgent Help...

    There are utilities out there that can crack the password, i'll look into it and give u the information on these utilities. Mine was hacked as well but i got it right back.
  6. imran.nazir

    Halogen Website Hacked?

    i bet you some admins are fired over this.
  7. Well one of my clients at work wants me setup something for him so he can remotely backup data on to his backup server at home. I've looked into a couple and so far veritas remote agent is the best to do this. What do you guys suggest? Could anyone with experience tell me how to set this up, the backup will be to disk drives not tapes. any suggestion would be appretiated. thank you
  8. thank you for ur quick response, for now i've disconnected some of the network drives that had bad paths which didn't exist anymore. i m off site now so i'll be checking for what you said first thing monday morning, till then i m just going to have to sit back and see if she still has any issues with my solutions or attempt to fix her problem.
  9. so this is another one of my job adventures, i like to post them up because someone might have the same problem and can look at these posts for reference, i always post up my solutions at the end of the day. So today i came across a client whose computer would freeze up upon dropping down the drop down menu. The computer is part of the domain abc.com and all the updates are in place for office and windows. I personally cannot figure anything out, so any help would be appretiated. Here's how exactly the problem goes, You can start excel or word and go to open and click on the drop down menu and it freezes for about a good 2 minutes, after 2 minutes it drops the menu and you do that consistently after that. when it's frozen the windows says not responding and it goes back to normal when the menu drops. There are mapped drive to the server and the server is win2k. any suggestion would be appretitaied. thank you imran.nazir
  10. imran.nazir

    Add A Printer Wizard Won't Work

    problem solved by repairing windows. thank a lot guys for your suggestions.
  11. Yes, this should solve the problem, the problem is not adding two gateways but using them accordingly.
  12. imran.nazir

    Add A Printer Wizard Won't Work

    that didn't work either, i just tried it, the printer wizard won't start, i m thinking it's a windows issue, going to repair it now.
  13. imran.nazir

    Add A Printer Wizard Won't Work

    already tried that this morning, took it off the domain, but it still didn't work, any other suggestions?
  14. i just bought a new computer for a client at work and it's got xp pro preinstalled on it, the add a printer wizard won't work, i mean when i click on it, it won't do anything. i was thinking that it was a windows issue but i repaired the windows using a known good cd of xp pro and still the same problem, the computer is joined to the domain. any suggestions? could this be done through command prompt, i know it could be done for 2000 pro but i m not certain about xp pro. any suggestions would be appretiated.
  15. just get urself a wireless router and enable 128 bit wep with mac filtering, it would take someone over 6 hours to get into ur network and i don't think anyone would do it unless they had a strong motive.