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  1. VACL on 3560

    Since you're on a 3560, PVLAN's would be a lot easier to do. Why do you want to do it with VACL's just curious?
  2. Cisco Press

    The foundation series is the real deal. Do not get the exam guide. At least when speaking about the CCNP series. The exam guide is total waste of money.... I don't beleive there are any foundation series for the CCNA though?
  3. Gigabit Ethernet

    I'm confused on what the problem is? Just connect those devices you want with straight through cable....
  4. CCNP Vacl lab

    Right on the money. (hey, I think we need smiley face guy with dollar signs in his eyes) I also agree with John regarding the numbering. 10, 20, 30 is good to use whereas I only went with 1 and 2. That leaves no room if you have to insert something in the middle....
  5. Adding new switch to a network

    I'm guessing this is just for labbing purposes? If it's actually production or you plan on going live, make sure you have passwords set on your VTP because you don't want to find out the hard way when all your VLAN's go missing one day....
  6. what is the fast way to find where an address belong?

    I took me awhile to find the right method to learn how to subnet fast. Now that I have my own method, it's very clear to me... Practice practice practice is key......
  7. Ip address

    Google RFC 1918...
  8. CCNP Vacl lab

    Oh come on how much could it have costed you! I really like the old layout..... I'm looking for a really good wordpress guy to make some changes to my site. As a former web developer it hurts to *not* be the one doing the programming work but I've retired from programming and my time isn't worth it anymore. I'd rather just pay someone and do something else like.....studying for my BGP exam!
  9. CCNP Vacl lab

    You changed your blog I noticed??
  10. CCNP Vacl lab

    Have you ever seen my VACL lab? It uses 3550's... http://www.brandontek.com/?p=418
  11. 7507

    oh no, do I need to relearn the IOS? LOL...I am not familiar at all about IOSXE/XR..... I really am hearing that Juniper is more user end friendly in terms of IOS....I just don't have the bandwidth to learn another vendor's way of doing things....my only experience with Juniper are their Netscreens....
  12. 7507

    Thanks I'll take a look at the link. I need to look into replacing them. If you have suggestions please let me know.... I want to be able to make sure I can future proof the purchase for at leas the next 6-7 years? My concerns are BW throughput, IPv6 support, MPLS, BGP all the normal service provider kind of features....
  13. 7507

    We've got a 7606 and 7505.... I'm not entirely sure where these models are in terms of EOS or EOL....
  14. 7507

    Is this nostalgic for you or something?
  15. Youngest CCIE in the World

    I'm not sure where you are confused on this. My response to your comment agrees with your comment. My question was stating that they seem to only be going after certs and based on what you've said, doesn't seem like they want to ever actually acquire experience. I don't know how you can become a good engineer or trainer just by being "book smart", you have to be "street smart" as well. Hence why I wrote, book smart and street smart in my last sentence...