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  1. Explisit

    Recommended Book

    Well I didn't ask what is in the share section and what not because I can go there and check. I didn't ask for dump or book. I've asked about difference in these books from someone who has already read both of them. If you have both of these books you would notice that this third edition is about an year older than Cisco.Press.Designing.for.Exam.640-863.2nd.Edition.Oct.2007 ... but thanks anyway... Regards Explisit
  2. Hello, I have starting my CCDA preparion with CCDA Offical Exam Certification Guide, 3rd Edition.pdf. Then I found recently (2-3 days ago) Cisco.Press.Designing.for.Cisco.Internetwork.Solutions.DESGN.Exam.640-863.2nd.Edition.Oct.2007.pdf. I have already read the first one and now I'm starting the new one. I'm in the very beginning of the book and I'm wondering which is better - I supose that both of them are pretty good, but is there anything that makes one of them to be the preffered one? The 640-863.2nd.Edition.Oct.2007 is written by Diane Teare.
  3. Explisit

    Redhat Linux Dns Cache Server Configuration

    Well I think this will help http://tldp.org/HOWTO/DNS-HOWTO-3.html
  4. Explisit

    Cisco 1760

    We have one 1760 cisco router with c1700-k9o3sv8y7-mz.123-11.T7.bin IOS. I was wondering if this device support SIP and does it can translate between SIP and Skinny. The last requirement is there because of one old CCM like 3 something. So can I use this router as SIP gateway and can it translate between SIP and Skinny? Thanks in advance
  5. Explisit

    I Need Help In Qmail Server

    Well did you see that qmail is listening on port 25? If it is it sounds more likely like a firewall issue. If you cannot telnet to port 25 it means qmail isn't there it means that some kind of firewall is apllied or there is a routing issue.
  6. Explisit

    To Make Winxp Partition Appear In Suse

    thanx ttony it works..just I still cannot see my linux files in winxp..everytime i open that linux partition it will say that this drive need to format ..so how can i read and write at linux drive in winxp? do you know about ntfs-3g? can you explain to me a little bit..i becoming quite confuse when i read about it ntfs-3g is offers full read/write support for ntfs formatted partitions. So now it is safe to write to ntfs partition under linux. As far as I know the read speed was fairly good bud write speed was very slow (I hope this is change since my last review of ntfs-3g) around 300kbyte/s.
  7. Explisit

    Command For The Day

    export HISTCONTROL=ignoreboth Well this is not exactly a pure command, but I find it very usefull. This removes duplicate commands in history. But this is true only for the session. If you want to make it permanent put this command in your user (or system wide) profil.
  8. Yes I checked the CPU utilization show cpu and also executed show processes but didn't find anything suspicious (maybe I missed something). I notice that the problem arrives every 5 sec - hello timer of EIGRP (and the router is running EIGRP). The router is also running Full table BGP. Also the number of underruns (as far as I understand) is not big problem, but cannot find exactly explanation what Buffer Failures mean. So if anyone can help Qos is not implemented. 2917669180 packets output, 5669180 underruns 0 output errors, 0 collisions, 1 interface resets 0 babbles, 0 late collision, 0 deferred 0 lost carrier, 0 no carrier, 0 PAUSE output 5669180 buffer failures, 0 output buffers swapped out Regards Explisit
  9. Anyone know a command to change the queue size on Cisco 3600 series routers. I want to test is this approach will minimize the packet loss (which is very low but anyway so the problem is not a cable). I think the router is busy and therefore drops packet. Regards Explisit
  10. Explisit

    Printer + Cups + Samba

    In the office where I work there is a one HP LJ4M+ network printer with burned out network card. So I connected it to the parallel port and the printer is working fine. In cups the printer is seen and everything seems to be in order. I read a few articles about this way of setup of network printer and follow the steps : share the printer, and also setup the administrative share printf$ with the drivers needed for printing from MS boxes. Everything seem to be in order expect the ouput of smbspool - "network smb "Unknown" "Windows Printer via SAMBA" - this is a little strange ? I will test the printer probably today (my machine is with public IP and the other MS boxes are with privite and there is some filters and I can't connect to their network and test the printer). So if anyone is setup something similar and want to help P.S. I used these articles : 1. [url=http://www.linuxdevcenter.com/pub/a/linux/2005/01/13/lnxckbk_samba.html]l[/url] 2. [url=http://www.linuxforums.org/servers/howto:_fileserver_with_samba_and_printserver_with_cups.html]l[/url] And the distro is Slackware 10.1 (or 10.2) - I so much hate this distro ... but I'm not an sys admin Thanks to whoiam55 for correction. My mistake I forget about links. Regards Explisit
  11. Explisit


    Well I was planing to take these months LPIC-1, but I changed my mind and decide finish my CCNP first. I think I will need 1-2 months to take LPIC-1 and about 6 to take LPIC-2. I have about 2 years experience with Linux. RHCE as far as I know are harder exams than LPIC. So a good RHCE maybe 4-5 years experince are recommended. And about materials search a little bit in google.com I'm sure you'll find plenty of materials. I study for LPIC from IBM site.
  12. Explisit

    Info Req.

    For the question "HOW" for me the best answer is - With one brand new Linux instalation (Ubunto, Kubunto, Mandriva, Fedora etc) For the question "Where" - On every PC (just kidding) Well to be honest if you're a little bit afraid of Linux a Live CD (Knoppix ) or Vmware on windows (on which install any distribution you would like) is probaby the best path. I would choose this path if I was just starting with Linux. Regards Explisit
  13. Explisit

    Transfer File From Vm (linux) To Host Os (windows)

    Well I shared the folders with linux as a map drive (don't remember the name exactly) you can even give right permission so you write files. It's a new drive in the tree from the network share. I think this way is very practical. Also you can always use WinScp ... but's far more slowly and I don't like this way. Regards Explisit OPS ... my mistake and have just the opposite Buy anyway the WinScp will work either. Samba and FTP are also options. So you can share the Linux with samba and add it to Windows as a network share i.e. map drive
  14. Explisit

    Need Quick Help

    Sorry I misunderstand your post. My mistake. So if you use free download manager it's ok. Everyone use it. I have for 3-4 years just 2-3 files corrupted. So a virus check (if you run windows) is a good start (not heard of virus for iso ... but man never knows). Also it's a little bit drastic but you can download one iso for test from knoppix live cd. Boot it and download the file with it. Kget or Wget should get the job done without any errors. Then check the md5 and then return to your previos OS. I know that this is not the best solution but it's a start and to be honest I can't think of any other solution so really hope this will help. Regards Explisit
  15. Explisit

    Need Quick Help

    Why don't you check the md5 sum of each of these isos. I'm sure that on some sites (where you download them) there is a md5 hash key to check with this you generate. Also why don't you check to boot from the Cd's and in RH 9 (I think) there was a tool to check the integrity of the disk so you can run it too. Regards Explisit