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    How to engage more audience

    The virtual world is getting more impatient, and so is your audience. Crush the ordinary with content in motion-visuals. It’s the age of democratization of online media, and you are limited only by your imagination. Focus on learning the art and science of creating, producing and sharing mind-blowing videos that have high viral-potential and better still, get certified, and you will have leading employers chasing you. A quick pointer here about engagement – Video content is shared twice as much as any other content, and almost 80% of digital marketers enjoy a greater ROI from Video Publishing than other channels. check this out for more insights : http://bit.ly/2i296wL
  2. aditya2098

    Techniques For Digital Marketing Professionals

    Hi, Digital marketing is a constantly disruptive field which changes as new technologies come into the picture. The latest techniques in 2017 will comprise Conversion Rate optimisation , content marketing , video development and many more . For more insights check out this link : http://bit.ly/2i296wL
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    major challenges to talent management

    nice infographic!
  4. Do MNCs require Big Data professionals?
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    Big Data transforming HR

    Hi, nowadays Big Data is everywhere and it is involved in talent management practices too. Check out this infographic http://www.credforce.com/Spotlight/insight/infographic-infusing-big-data-into-talent-management
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    VMware Ubuntu installtion error

    i am sorry, i cant help you.