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    Hey Everyone..I failed CCIE Written

    Thanks Mitsu and Darby Weaver.... I wont be opening my books until after Easter is over...atleast, got to have some fun and rest, since its already been a few weeks of grueling studies both with CCIE and CEH.
  2. bevin

    I Passed Ccie Written

    Hello everyone... Today was an incredible day. I attempted the written exam of CCIE Service Provider track and passed. I am totally glad taking into consideration, that my preparation started less than 2 months back. Like the CCIE R&S, which I attempted unsuccessfully last week; this exam was also approached in a casual manner; and applying a few lessons in time management I learnt from the last weeks R&S exam. Anyway the result was quiet a surprise, scoring in the high 800s. My weak areas obviously came up to be MPLS, VPN and Layer 2 knowledge domains. It was overall, much much easier than I expected. Next plans in my list are preparing for R&S written and some labbing. Thanks everyone...
  3. bevin

    Hey Everyone..I failed CCIE Written

    Thanks crould. I already did that on the day itself. Now working more harder; hopefully rectifying all the past mistakes. Its currently scheduled for the first week of May. Thanks ElBroodo and Prakash, for your kind support and motivation.
  4. Today, I attempted CCIE written and failed with 20 points short of 790. It was a beautiful experience anyhow considering this as my re-initiation into the Cisco universe. My previous official encounter was passing CCNA (~5 years ago); and I was 16 then. I feel as if it is a quantum leap for me now to even incorporate CCIE into my dreams. About my academic and professional background; I am almost in the verge of graduating my engineering degree in Mechatronics and apart from that, did a few networking and IT security related contract jobs along the years; but nothing anywhere serious enough to instill an inspiration to pursue CCIE. Somehow, I got that inspiration almost a month back when I met a guy who successfully passed CCIE Voice written and he was sitting next to my exam cubicle at the Vue center where I was attempting my CEH exam at the same time. We had a small talk after the exams and heard from him that he is going after his third CCIE (phew.. ) and that he works at Cisco systems, etc.etc... That was the moment, when I realized with a slight regret that I should have carried on after my CCNA, at least for the sake of an intellectual challenge. Motivated and overwhelming (in a naive manner), I scheduled the CCIE R&S that day itself for March 26 at 10 AM. I studied around 2 hours devotedly for 5 days a week till day before yesterday. I slept well yesterday and took the exam rather casually and successfully failed it. No regrets whatsoever about that and only very glad to realize that its very much doable in every regard and today's exam itself proved to be a priceless compendium of pointers; one of them being the necessity to supplement or perhaps even more precisely, "co-implement" the practical studies with the theory and the inevitable readings for the written exam. My studies were wholly consisted of reading and reading and theoretical understanding, which is obviously not enough. Glad to share my experience here and I thank the folks here, for at least some bits and chunks of knowledge, advices and wisdom. Anyhow, wish me luck in the pursuit of knowledge and the next exam attempts.
  5. Can anyone please clarify about the need for attending any training before being able to attempt the CHFI exam? Is it mandatory like the CEH exam? Please, please someone shine some light on this question.
  6. bevin

    CCIE R&S - Passed!

    Hard work and proper strategy gets the job done... Great achievement Beavis...Keep going...and definitely you are an inspiration...
  7. bevin


    Asking for Knowledge and Seeking for it is never ever an odd thing and who can consider it as a taboo????..........