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  1. mmonewbie2017

    What is CCNA?

    Hi, I learned for this certificated from last three months ago. hope get it after i done my course.
  2. mmonewbie2017

    sms program

    like a spam sms from a pc?
  3. mmonewbie2017

    Password protection for Bootable USB

    You can re-install it. i think it's working
  4. mmonewbie2017

    I want to learn Macintosh operating system...HELP

    you can google it or search video tutorial on youtube for that field. Or no, you will need a book of that topic. and learn it by yourself.
  5. mmonewbie2017

    building a secure web site?

    To build a secure website, I think you should care for your website's host first, secure it, with higher plan, private server is the best. But if you have not enough money, Always backup website, and check virus regularly
  6. mmonewbie2017

    Blackberry Bold 9000

    Black Berry 9000 is too old now . I have 9900 , but it's broken. I even don't find a store to fix it.
  7. mmonewbie2017

    Finally Apple iphone 4s is here…

    ya, now , Apple released up to I phone 7
  8. mmonewbie2017

    Designing Web sites tips

    It's updated recently that Website that's friendly with mobile is a best choice for developing. https://savvycomsoftware.com/are-you-ready-for-the-change-of-google-mobile-friendly-algorithm/ Do you know it? Since mobile become popular in many countries, then their need of surfing on mobile internet is grow fastly. To get this, you website also need of fast speed for experiencing from user.
  9. Design is changing in every minute. It can turn something from looking fresh and modern the day before to be outdated overnight. Media, technology or even the fashion industry are main factors that can influence the design trends. Normally, design trend’s life cycle is short and not longer than one or two years. Read more: 4 Reasons to Hire a Web Design Company New trends are continuously created from year to year, taking heritages from the previous trends and add some new influences. That is why sometimes the feeling when witnessing a new trend is familiar, like you may have seen it in the past couple of years. Here are the 10 design trends that you must know in 2017. Bold and simple typography A great typographic always attracts people’s eyes and stick on their minds longer than other boring styles. More companies use big and bold typography on their homepages to make great impression. This works best when the rest of the page is kept minimal and clean. 5 typography trends for web design trends 2017 Bold typography become web design trends in 2017 Minimalism Something that has a simple and minimalistic style can bring a clear and clean image to viewers. Many companies try to avoid giving too much information on their website. Instead, they prefer using a minimalistic style on their web to display just the basic necessities. Cinemagraphs Still photos are outdated in the age of visual technology. Cinemagraphs are an excellent replacement for traditional photos. Cinemagraphs are still photos with elements that have repeated movements. They have been gaining popularity recently, and rightfully so; a well done cinemagraph can be visually striking. Brighter colors Bright colors are coming back in a big way and will come to the fore in 2017. Green, yellow or orange appear in many websites or even logo such as Instagram. In other words, bright colors play a role to bring up “fun” and “alive” feelings while minimalism trend dominates in every design. Complex layout For the past few years, web design layout has been constrained by CSS’s limitations, but new tools like Flex Box and CSS grid will allow for much more expressive layouts on the web. Our main challenge now is understanding how these new web layout methods should work in the world of responsive design. Animations Animations were one of the biggest trend in last year for all web design. In 2017, animations are still used in web design with the trend of cinemapraphs because of its value to hold visitors’ attention longer than a quick glance. Animations can be GIFs, SVG, WebGL CSS or videos. Conversation interfaces In terms of visuals, bots are unlikely to have a big impact on web design, but they will significantly influence how designers think about creating websites. AI-powered bots are going to get even more realistic and complex this year, empowering businesses to automate communication and sales. Conversation interfaces will be a huge game changer, helping big brands express different sides of their personality and making them more human and approachable. Unique photography Having unique photos instead of stock photos can bring up a better design. There are many authentic or unique photography sites that can help you to find easily high quality image than ever. To attract and engage customers, brands will be embracing well composed but realistic looking images that contribute to their visual story. Overlapping Text and Images Text that slightly overlaps accompanying images has become a popular effect for blogs and portfolios. Overlapping text and images trend in design portfolio. Semi Flat Design Flat design came to the fore in the web design market years ago, but it come back with the new version that is influenced by Material Design and become more dimensional. Semi Flat design trend become the evolution of web design trends 2017. The evolution of flat design from a minimalist style suits the new developing technologies. Flat design is still in, but it has undergone some improvements. Read more: A back step to the Basis – Responsive & Flat design Original Article from savvycomsoftware.com
  10. In web design and web development, Web designer vs web developer and their roles today are sometimes overlapped, but regardless of who is more important, both of them are the lifeblood of the World Wide Web. Websites are increasingly becoming more interactive and visually mesmerizing, but to say this is because of the efforts of designers or developers will be an overstatement. To better understand the roles of these two groups of people, we compare them in details below. Read more about web app development here: Web development trends 2017 These are 4 key to show the differences between web designer and web developer. 1. Front-line development and back-line development First we need to understand that both web designer vs web developer join hands in the development of a website. A designer is deals with the “front-end” of a web; a developer on the other hand deals with the “back-end”. The “front-end”, or “designers” as they are known, focus primarily on the visuals and overall look of websites. They are the architects as opposed to the developers being the builders. They are intrigued with graphics, appearance and colors, and generally speaking they hold the view that making something work and ensuring that it is enjoyable to use is the most important factor to make a successful website. 2. Visual programming and functional programming 3. Left brain and right brain 4. Education and skill requirements: Read full topic here: web designer vs web developer Savvycom Blog
  11. Recently, the web has been getting more and more common in our daily lives. We use it for everything from shopping to banking, to healthcare services. The demand of web development talent is increasing steadily as well as the scope of what developers can do. What do you think will be the biggest game changers in 2017? Will the web weave its way into even more areas of our life? The web is an exciting and fast changing place. Now, 2017 seems to be likely to bring some amazing developments in web technologies. Here is the list of 8 web development trends to look out for in 2017.
  12. mmonewbie2017

    Platform for Web Development

    there are many platform to devloping a website. Read more: 5 Important issues in a web development project What devices and platforms will the site be accessible on? Nowadays, people can access a site not only on a PC, but also on a wide range of mobile devices, thanks for the development of pervasive wireless access. So deciding what device the site can be accessed on would be the first issue in the development process. This will help you avoid many annoying problems, for example, your site – which is developed for PC – become inaccessible on smaller form factor devices. In that case, you will have to redevelop the site from scratch. That inconvenience may turn your users away several years from now. Therefore, it is better to have a wise decision before it’s too late.