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  1. Brida

    VLANS explanation

    thank you! now i got it... so that quote from mark was wrong? ok, that makes sense... thank you really
  2. Brida

    VLANS explanation

    that's precisely my point!!! what i don't get it is what is a management network? why does Mark says that with a mask the network management is 128.
  3. Brida

    VLANS explanation

    "I was asked to configure the remaining unconfigured switch with the 1st ip in the management network. Well, the subnetmask was which breaks it down to 32 increments and makes the network of the management subnet 128 which obviously you can't use because it is the network address." -- Mark why why why??? why is the subnet 128 the management subnet?
  4. Brida

    VLANS explanation

    what is killing me with this simulation is that i can't figure out why you have to determine the subnet. Since the second switch is going to be on vlan 1 (the same vlan as switch 1) why do we have to determine the subnet. it is going to belong in the same subnet as switch 1 and the same default gateway of switch 1 (which is the interface of the router, right?). thanks for your help.