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    and to ensure healthy spine stretch.Pocket Spring Mattress factory
  1. jwwd222

    Spiral Wound Gaskets

    ASME standard Spiral Wound Gasket CODE :BOTE SWG-ASME ASME standard Spiral Wound Gasket is our main SWG standard. Sizes from 1/2 inch to 60 inch ,150lb to 2500lb . All types of Spiral wound gaskets can be manufactured, SWG-CGI, SWG-CG, SWG-RIR, SWG-R, etc. Our production capacity is 150,000 pcs per month. Material combinations for all operating conditions. Ordering Information: Nominal pipe size and pressure rating; Winding and filler materials; Centering and inner ring materials ASME standard Spiral Wound Gasket Sizes 1/’2’’ to 24’’ ASME B16.20 Sizes 150LB300LB NPSD1D2D3D4D1D2D3D4 1/ 3/420.625.439.657.220.625.439.666.8 126.931.847.866.826.831.847.873.2 1-1/438.147.860.576.238.147.860.582.6 1-1/244.554.169.985.944.554.169.995.3 255.669.985.9104.955.669.985.9111.3 2-1/266.582.698.6124.066.582.698.6130.3 381.0101.6120.7136.781.0101.6120.7149.4 4106.4127.0149.4174.8106.4127.0149.4181.1 5131.8155.7177.6196.9131.6155.7177.8215.9 6157.2182.6209.6222.3157.2182.6209.6251.0 8215.9233.4263.7279.4215.9233.4263.7308.1 10268.2287.3317.5339.9268.2287.3317.5362.0 12317.5339.9374.7409.7317.5339.9374.7422.4 14349.3371.6406.4450.9349.3371.6406.4485.9 16400.1422.4463.6514.4400.1422.4463.6539.6 18449.3474.7527.1549.4449.3474.7527.1596.9 20500.1525.5577.8606.6500.1525.5577.9654.1 24603.3628.7685.8717.6603.3628.7685.8774.7 400LB600LB NPSD1D2D3D4D1D2D3D4 1/ 3/420.625.439.666.820.625.439.666.8 126.931.847.873.226.931.847.873.2 1-1/438.147.860.582.638.147.860.582.6 1-1/244.554.169.995.344.554.169.995.3 255.669.985.9111.355.669.985.9111.3 2-1/266.582.698.6130.366.582.698.6130.3 378.7101.6120.7149.478.7101.6120.7149.4 4102.6120.7149.4177.8102.6120.7149.4193.8 5128.3147.6177.8212.9128.3147.6177.8241.3 6154.9174.8209.6247.7154.8174.8209.6266.7 8205.7225.6263.7304.8205.7225.6263.7320.8 10255.3274.6317.5358.9255.3274.6317.5400.1 12307.3327.2374.7419.1307.3327.2374.7457.2 14342.9362.0406.4482.6342.9362.0406.4492.3 16389.9412.8463.6536.7389.9412.8463.6565.2 18438.2469.9527.1593.9438.2469.9527.1612.9 20489.0520.7577.9647.7489.0520.7577.9682.8 24590.6628.7685.8768.4590.6626.7685.8790.7 900LB1500LB NPSD1D2D3D4D1D2D3D4 1/ 3/420.625.439.669.920.625.439.669.9 126.931.847.879.526.931.847.879.5 1-1/433.339.660.588.933.339.660.588.9 1-1/241.447.869.998.641.447.869.998.6 252.358.785.9143.052.358.785.9143.0 2-1/263.569.998.6165.163.569.998.6165.1 378.795.3120.7168.478.792.2120.7174.8 4102.6120.7149.4206.597.8117.6149.4209.6 5128.3147.6177.8247.7124.5143.0177.8254.0 6154.9174.8209.6289.1147.3171.5209.6282.7 8196.9222.3257.3358.9196.9215.9257.3352.6 10246.1276.4311.2435.1246.1266.7311.2435.1 12292.1323.9368.3498.6292.1323.9368.3520.7 14320.8355.6400.1520.7320.8362.0400.1577.9 16374.7412.8457.2574.8368.3406.4457.2641.4 18425.5463.6520.7638.3425.5463.6520.7704.9 20482.6520.7571.5698.5476.3514.4571.5755.7 24590.6628.7679.5838.2577.9616.0679.5901.7 2500LB NPSD1D2D3D4 1/ 3/420.625.439.676.2 126.931.847.885.9 1-1/433.339.660.5104.9 1-1/241.447.869.9117.6 252.358.785.9146.1 2-1/263.569.998.6168.4 378.792.2120.7196.9 497.8117.6149.4235.0 5124.5143.0177.8279.4 6147.3171.5209.6317.5 8196.9215.9257.3387.4 10246.1270.0311.2476.3 12292.1317.5368.3549.4Spiral Wound Gaskets website:http://www.botegasket.com/spiral-wound-gaskets/
  2. jwwd222

    Customized UL SVT

    UL SVT electrical wire PVC insulated Application: UL SVT electrical wire PVC insulated used as power cable connection of small appliances and home appliances. Production capacity:35 million meters per month for Electric wire & UL wire UL File Number:E491070 Style SVT Reference standard: UL 62 Product Description:Cross section: Number of conductors: 2 or 3 Size of Conductors: 18AWG~16AWG,Stranded / Bare copper & Tinned copper Rated temperature: 60, 75, 90 & 105℃, 300V Insulation: Extruded PVC, Minimum average thickness 0.38mm; Minimum thickness at any point 0.34mm; Minimum thickness at point of contact 0.30mm. Filler (Optional): Cotton yarn. Tape (Optional): Cotton paper or Non-woven fabrics. Jacket: Extruded PVC, Minimum average thickness 0.76mm; Minimum thickness at any point 0.61mm. Flame test: UL VW-1, CSA FT1 Environment protection: RoHS / REACH Package: 500FT&1000FT Roll/wooden drumCustomized UL SVT website:http://www.biadi-cable.com/ul-wire/ul-svt/
  3. Our History The Best Dent brand is engaged in researching , development, production and marketing of dental equipments, including portable dental units , silent oiless dental air compressor , dental units , dental suction systems and autoclaves /sterilizers etc. The dental equipment awards the ISO 13485 ,CE certificate . Best Dent team will provide you with marketing materials , logistics as well as with technical and commercial training . Our team strives to provide top-notch service to meet your requirement. We have a team of experienced R&D engineers and skilled staffs, so we are able to supply you the products in high quality at competitive price and on time delivery . We are sincerely hope all customers in the world to be our partners. Our Product Portable dental unit , Silent oiless air compressor , Suction unit , Dental unit Product Application Suitable for home service, external examination, beauty salon, hospital reserve, animal hospital, etc... Our Certificate CE, ISO 13485 Production Market Selling the products all over the world and have 98% good feedback from the customers Our service 1. 1 year quality warranty for all dental equipments. 2. Full way services and technical support offered by our professional engineers. 3. Your goods could be shipped as your requirement such as by air or by sea or you can also arrange your own shipping agent for shipment China 150 Liters Dental Air Compressor manufacturers website:http://www.bestdentalunit.com/
  4. jwwd222

    Anchor PDC Bits

    Besharp Diamond was established in 2010,located in the cradle of Chinese Kongfu-Zhengzhou,.The company has the modernized standard workshop 23000 square meters and R&D center 2000 square meters,as a leading famous producer and supplier in diamond industry in China, Besharp Diamond is to create added value for customers around the world. Besharp Diamond products includes the following: PDC drill bits PDC cutters PCD blanks PCD cutting tools Diamond grinding wheels We supply diamond products all over the globe to a wide range of companies worldwide, ranging from large multinational organizations to small individual companies. Our products are widely used in the following industry, such as : ---Coal Mining,Water well drilling,geothermal well drilling,geological exploration,utility work ---Oil gas drilling, concrete floor grinding,stone quarry ---Cutting industry like ---Grinding industry like tungsten carbide,fiber glass,ceramic,etc. We have more than 80 sets of production and processing equipment,include Furnace,High frequency welding machine,heat treatment Furnace,CNC lathe,axis machining center,cubic press, grinding miller,polishing machine,CNC surface grinding machine,laser cutting machine,Precision microscope and measuring instrument,etc. We have approved IS09001:2008 Quality System Certificate and CE Acceptance, owns the self-operation import and export right, our products have exported to USA, Russia, West Union,Australia,,Mideast, South Africa ,Southeast Asia more than 30 countries and regions. We take the quality as the fundamental,customer-oriented,with technology innovation as the core concept,aiming to supply the premium quality products and service to the customers at home and abroad.Anchor PDC Bits website:http://www.besharpdiamond.com/ website2:http://www.bsddiamondtools.com/
  5. jwwd222

    Brake Booster For Mitsubishi factory

    This is brake booster, the OEM number is 224-00402, it is single one, the diameter of it is 10.5”, it is in big size among the single diaphram, it is for Mitsubishi PS120 and FE119, it is used in many markets, such as Thailand, Malaysia, Dominica, Indonesia and so on, it also has another 2 OEM number, 226-00402 and 44610-37817, it is much more bigger normal single one, so the packing is 4 pcs in one carton.Brake Booster For Mitsubishi factory website:http://www.aydbrakebooster.com/brake-booster/brake-booster-for-mitsubishi/
  6. jwwd222

    Pocket Spring Mattress factory

    Product Description Design Euro TopHeight 12inch/30cmFirmness Medium Size Twin, Twin XL, Full/Double, Queen, King, Calking, Customized Quilting Layer Linen Jacquard Fabric Fiber cotton Upholstery Layer Natural Latex Memory Foam Support Layer Double layer Pocket Spring Insulation White PK Felt + Non-Woven Fabric Bottom layer 3D Mesh Fabric Regular Foam The Stucture Can be Customized Linen Jacquard Fabric+Fiber cotton+Natural Latex+Memory Foam+Double layer Pocket Spring+White PK Felt+Non-Woven Fabric+Regular Foam+3D Mesh Fabric 1.Linen Jacquard Fabric It combines the characteristics of cotton and linen.It has exquisite and delicate patterns, Soft texture, good gloss . 2.Natural Latex Latexis a breathable and elastic material that helps reduce heat buildup. With high elasticity and good supporting force, can effectively improve the quality of sleep. 3.Memory foam It can support each part of body evenly and independently, also adaptand response slowly to body weight and temperature, providing full support, comfortable pressure relief to keep the spine upright. 4.Double layer Pocket Spring It can fully fit human body, providing different degree of hard and soft support, giving effective rebound according to the movement in sleep, and to ensure healthy spine stretch.Pocket Spring Mattress factory website:http://www.amorhome.com/spring-mattress/pocket-spring-mattress/
  7. 5052 aluminum checkered plate -Length (MM): ≤12000 -Packing: wooden pallet -Delivery lead time: 10-25 days -Delivery method: Ocean containers STANDARD: GB/T, ASTM, EN, DIN Product description 5052 aluminum checkered plate also called Aluminum magnesium alloy decorative plates: processed by 5052 or 5083 series of aluminum plates, with good corrosion resistance, hardness and rust resistance. Usually applied in special places, such as ship, carriage lamp, wet environment, such aluminum plate has a high hardness, and has certain bearing capacity. Packing Our packing meets the sea export standard. Special requirements of packing could be negotiate before order. Application 5052 aluminum checkered plate there are a lot kinds of application is very extensive in the furniture, such as refrigerators, air conditioners, cars, platform, packaging line, screen frame, all kinds of hanging beam, countertops, feet, decoration, handle, go trough and the tube cover, chair and so on.wholesale Five Bar Aluminum Checkered Plate website:http://www.aluminumhl.com/aluminum-checkered-plate/five-bar-aluminum-checkered-plate/
  8. AIKE, which was founded in 1994, with 23 years’experience of High-speed Motor and High Speed Hand Dryers, now has a factory area of 36,000m² and a new factory located at Hangzhou Xiasha Economic Development Zone. AIKE has more than 150 skilled workers and 15 senior product engineers and with the production capacity of more than 150,000pcs hand dryers per year. We own independent production line for hand dryer accessories including hand dryer motor, hand dryer shell, infrared sensor etc. Our high-speed hand dryers are all designed to deliver a faster and more effective drying experience while reducing operational costs. AIKE focus on manufacturing High Speed Hand Dryers, and its products are widely used in the public washrooms in Airport, Hotels, Chain Restaurants, Olympic Stadiums, Hospitals, Supermarkets, Shopping Mall, Office buildings, Schools and home. AIKE Hand Dryers export to more than 110 countries and regions, mainly to UK, France, Germany, Spain, Russia, Israel, Southeast Asia, India, USA, Canada, Brazil, and so on. Our factory Product ApplicationHand Dryer Electric AC Universal Motor manufacturers website:http://www.aike-handdryer.com/ website2:http://www.handdryer-china.com/