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    Huawei MA5800 X7 got an active alarm

    Thanks, my MA5800 X7 is work normally again.
  2. adamxx88

    Huawei MA5800 X7 got an active alarm

    Hi! Here below is the result from"huawei#display emu 0‘ Command: display emu 0 EMU ID: 0 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- EMU name : H901FMMA EMU type : FAN Used or not : Used EMU state : fault Frame ID : 0 Subnode : 1
  3. Huawei MA5800 X7 got an active alarm, but can still working normally, can anybody help to slove the alarm problem? Command: display alarm active all ALARM 57 FAULT MAJOR 0x1531a000 EQUIPMENT 08/01/2000 05:13:27+01:00 ALARM NAME : The communication of the EMU with the host is abnormal SRVEFF : NSA PARAMETERS : FrameID: 0 EMU ID: 0 EMU Type: FAN EMU Name: H901FMMA DESCRIPTION : The equipment can not report the alarm of the monitoring sensors CAUSE : (1)The environment monitoring unit (EMU) is faulty (2)The communication serial port is damaged or the line is faulty (3)The EMU is reset manually