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  1. Panan County Zhonghao magnetic material Co., Ltd. is home to the permanent magnetic ferrite production, processing, enterprise development, magnet manufacturers magnet manufacturers. Relying on the production base of magnetic advantages of Dongyang City, Zhejiang Province, China , the company has a good comparative advantage in the development of high precision, high performance, specific products. We have meticulous work spirits , we are strict in quality products and we are responsible for the customer. The company's products have been widely used in household appliances, electric motor, electronic induction, induction, measuring instruments, products sold at home and abroad. The company own strong technical strength. We have a senior engineer and several other engineers. The company introduced the advanced concept of management innovation, and got through the ISO9001 quality certification system. The company has a positive and progressive team, we have been devoted to technological innovation, scientific management and focused on improving the quality and constantly developing new products to satisfy the customer’s requirements, we will make progress together with you and bring dedicated professional services in the world of magnetism for you to create a better future.ferrite toroid suppliers website:http://www.zh-magnets.com/
  2. 鑫源钉子有限公司是中国各类钉子生产厂家,资产400万美元,占地面积8000平方米,现有员工80人,经营200多台先进的美甲设备,在未来三年内有500套。包括:拉丝,热处理,汽车镀锌钉生产,汽车销钉和钉钉机,螺栓拧紧机。 我们的主要产品包括:屋顶钉,铁板钉,普通钉,混凝土钢钉,伞头屋顶钉,Clout钉,镀锌混凝土钉,黑钢混凝土钉,鞋钉,钢带捆扎带,镀锌丝,黑丝。 我们的工厂每天可生产25吨钉子,如果与其他钢丝产品一起,每年可生产超过15000吨。 我们的工厂接受OEM订单。 为了做全球业务,与所有人交朋友,我们秉承诚实,认真,高效,诚信,持续改进,无论遇到什么问题和困难,我们将与您携手共进,共创辉煌明天。 工厂审核报告下载:Factory_Audit_report.pdfu 螺栓价格 网站:http://www.xinyuan-nail.com/
  3. Changzhou Winning Electronics Co.,LTD is the second company of Changzhou Yuhuan Electronics Corporation and nowadays,enjoys a scale of over 100 skilled workers and 15 technical staff. We are expert in manufacturing Audio/Video Cables,LAN Cables,Patch Cords,USB Cables,Hdmi Cables,DVI Cables,VGA Cables,Telephone Cables,Smartphone Cables,as well as electronic components such as RCA Connectors, F BNC SMA Connectors,Audio Video Connectors.So far,we have been granted Iso9001-2000 Authentication,which is the verification to our products from the authority. We are proud here to announce that our goods has been widely exported to markets of Europe,America,Southeast Asia and Africa.Always going all out to provide best products,price and service to our every customer is what’s behind our today’s attainments.We look forward to cooperating with you and build up earnest and long-lasting business relationship between us.wholesale usb 3.0 adapter card website:http://www.winningcables.com/ website2:http://www.yuhuanelec.com/
  4. 作为中国值得信赖的不锈钢斜齿轮和齿圈制造商和供应商,深圳市圣鹏金属制品有限公司正在等待您购买其工厂定制的不锈钢斜齿轮,内齿圈。 快速详细信息 形状:支线 产地:广东,中国(大陆) 型号:SP-gear-6 / 6-1 品牌名称:SP 材质:不锈钢/作为您的要求 质量:根据要求的公差 样品:可选 小订购:可接受的 服务类型:OEM / ODM 证书:ISO 9001:2008 包装和交付 包装细节:用泡沫袋和纸箱包装,用塑料胶带安全密封。 也可根据客户要求。 交货细节:7-30天根据您的要求 公司信息 关于我们工厂 包装和运输 质量检验和包装 认证 我们的证书ISO 9001:2008 如需了解更多信息,请联系我们。正齿轮供应商 网站价格:http:// www.sp-oem.net/gears-and-shaft/spur-gears/
  5. 我们是螺旋千斤顶和锥齿轮箱专业生产商,在中国十多年,SIJIE INDUSTRIAL CO。,LTD。经过多年的不懈努力,我公司已发展成为集科研,生产,销售,服务为一体的直线传动产品的专业供应商。我们的主要产品有SJ蜗杆螺旋千斤顶,SJM机螺旋千斤顶,SJC立方螺旋千斤顶,SJB滚珠螺旋千斤顶,SJ锥齿轮箱,SJV斜齿轮减速机。现在,我们有100多名员工,技术人员30多名,年生产能力超过20万台。 我们的优势: 1。只有螺旋千斤顶和锥齿轮箱动力传动产品的专业制造商。我们可以根据每个客户的应用提供专业的解决方案。 2,价格合理,质量好,交货期最短。 3:SIJIE工程师帮助客户考虑所有安全因素,与客户的工程师一步一步选择正确的模型,我们将在订购前提供客户CAD或3D图纸以供最后确认。 SIJIE公司有4种螺旋千斤顶,2种锥齿轮变速箱。我们还可以根据客户的要求设计新产品。 5:SIJIE产品通常保修期为一年,在保修期内,任何“SIJIE”产品出现问题,经我们确认后,我们会指导客户修理或发货新的更换。 测试和包装: 90度齿轮减速机 网站:http://www.screwjacksj.com/
  6. Yuyao city zhuoli wire&cable factory is a manufacturer specializing in power cords,cables,plugs,automobile connectors and accessories,Our products hae been approved by ITALY IMQ,Canada CSA,Germany VDE,England BSI,USA UL ,and European Union GS,Also we can provide customized products.6WAY WITH SWITCH ETL factory website:http://www.powercords-tek.com/
  7. Masterpiece Technology (International) Co, Ltd (MPTIC) is famous for its Barcode Data Terminal products and solutions. We are headquartered in Shenzhen, R&D center in Chengdu, with factory facilities in Chengdu & Shenzhen. We have long been dedicated to manufacturing data terminal products and providing industrial and commercial solutions to the AIDC industry. MPTIC has two core competitive edges, the Best Quality Performance and a competitive price strategy, with Client Software Convergent Solutions to satisfy special needs. MPTIC barcode data terminals have been successfully selected worldwide for quality, design, and competitive prices. All terminals are built in our 2,000-square-meters factory space, with 200 skilled workers and hardware/software engineers and a capacity of 5,000 sets per month, all implemented with the CE, RoHS, FCC standards. We apply very strict QC systematic procedures throughout the work flow from raw material purchasing, R&D, production, to after-sales services. MPTIC’s barcode data terminals have a good reputation in the USA, Europe, Latin America, Middle East and Asia market. We firmly believe that our products and services will meet your business needs. We are looking forward to serving you in the near future.free android barcode scanner website:http://www.mpticbarcodess.com/
  8. Belonged to E-Lins Group, E-Lins Technology was established in 1999. As a professional wireless M2M solution provider, E-Lins is the leading provider and OEM/ODM for M2M total solution in the Peoples Republic of China. E-Lins is based on the M2M field (Machine to Machine,Man to Machine), developed full expansion of 4G/3G/2G mobile cellular device. E-Lins mobile data products are widely used in more than 50 countries and regions, and more than twenty industrial fields, such as power control, water schedule, traffic, oil field, weather forecast, environmental protection, street lamp control, post, bank, CCTV, security surveillance, and many other areas. Pursuing a highly effective operation system to give customers more satisfaction, we also endeavor to improve our management regarding quality and service. We passed the ISO9001/14000 certification and CCC (China Compulsory Certification). And we are building an equal development platform to let our employees enjoy working and then share their pleasure with our customers. E-Lins's products are manufactured in-house. Taking into consideration the high quality requirements of our customers, we enforce our factory to produce quality products that meets the international standards. We have our QA department in our factory that makes sure every product that came out of the production line meets the quality standard of our customer. Our clients include some of the major global distributors and importers throughout Asia, South and Latin America, Europe, Africa, Middle East and North America in more than 50 countries and areas. OEM/ODM orders are welcomed to suit customers budget and requirement.Mobile Broadband Router manufacturers website:http://www.link3g4gs.com/ website2:http://www.link3g4g.in/
  9. Among those professional self-lubricating thrust washer tsb-jtw manufacturers in China, welcome to buy customized and low price self-lubricating thrust washer tsb-jtw or get its free sample from our factory. Self-lubricating thrust washer TSB-JTW STRUCTURE: Bronze thrust washer with solid lubricant plug (graphite) TECHNICAL DATA: Density8.0 g/cm3 Hardness>210 HB Tensile strength>750 N/mm2 Yeild strength>450 N/mm2 Elongation>8 Coefficient of linear expansion1.9x10-5/°C Operating temperature-40°C~+300°C Max. Dynamic Load120 Max. SpeedDry0.4 m/s Oil1.0 m/s Max. PV limitDry1.5 N/mm2.m/s Oil3.25 N/mm2.m/s FrictionDry0.12~0.16 μ Oil0.03~0.08 μ CHARACTERISTICS: Bronze thrust washer with graphite plugs provide both good wear resistance and great self lubricating feature of this washer. This designation enables the thrust washer to be operated without oiling or greasing maintenance. It is widely used in the field of high load and intermittent movement as well as oscillating movement conditions. TYPICAL APPLICATIONS: Self-lubricating thrust washer TSB-JTW is widely applied in automobile assembling line, water turbine, gate dams, plastic injection machinery etc. Depending on different working conditions, variety of types of different alloys are available from TSB.Customized Oilless Washers website:http://www.jxtisens.com/thrust-washers/oilless-washers/
  10. MATERIAL Coupler Body :AISI316 Valve :AISI316, POPPET TYPE Springs :SS302 Locking O-Ring :SS302 Balls :440C Back-Up Ring :PTFE Seals :Viton or NBR ATTENTION: Only plug and socket with the same thread fit together.ISO-A china website:http://www.ehhydraulic.com/hydraulic-couplings/iso-7241-a/