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  1. Read and studied the multiple books and study guides for 2 months included Cisco Official guide http://www.ciscopress.com/store/ccda-200-310-official-cert-guide-premium-edition-and-9780134305660 , but felt unprepared for the test because the study material in not enough to gain high grades. But now not only pass as well as gain more than 800 marks in Cisco 200-310 (Designing for Cisco Internetwork Solutions Exam). The week before my test I practice all 200-310 practice questions available in 200-310 dumps pdf. Recommending this study material to all my friends. Fowling are some questions which same in real exam as well as in 200-310 braindumps pdf: Which two features are supported by single wireless controller deployments? (Choose two.) A. automatic detection and configuration of LWAPPs B. LWAPP support across multiple floors and buildings C. automatic detection and configuration of RF parameters D. Layer 2 and Layer 3 roaming E. controller redundancy F. mobility groups Correct Answer: AB Which four services does the architecture for Media Services contain? (Choose four.) A. access services B. transport services C. storage services D. forwarding services E. session control services F. security services G. filtering services H. remote access services Correct Answer: ABCE WAN backup over the Internet is often used to provide primary connection redundancy. Which is the most important consideration when passing corporate traffic over the public Internet? A. security B. static versus dynamic routing C. bandwidth D. QoS E. latency Correct Answer: A What are the three primary functions of the distribution layer of the campus network design hierarchy? (Choose three.) A. provide end-user connectivity B. provide high speed transport C. provide QoS services D. enforce security policies E. provide WAN connections F. connect access devices to the core backbone Correct Answer: CDF Which Cisco technology using Nexus NX-OS infrastructure allows the network architect to create up to four separate control and data plane instances of the Nexus chassis? A. virtual port-channel B. virtual routing and forwarding C. virtual switching system D. virtual device context Correct Answer: D
  2. I took the (840-425) Executing Cisco Advanced Business Value Analysis and Design Techniques Exam on February 15, 2018 and passed it with good grades. I read multiple study guides like cisco press http://www.ciscopress.com/ but they are expensive and not sufficient for good grades. Then I found 840-425 dumps pdf which contains the practice exams are so similar to the actual 840-425 exam that is very helpful to practice before real exam. Here I share some actual questions which I found I 840-425 exam as well as in 840-425 braindumps pdf: Which option explains how a manager's viewpoint can be confirmed? A. by validating with the manager's boss B. by running a group session C. by asking the manager for evidence D. by restating the manager's view and asking if you understood correctly Correct Answer: D Which option is part of an implementation strategy? A. sequence of major work packages or projects B. design criteria for meeting security requirements C. maintenance schedule for hardware You are working on a project to install a new RFID system for a logistics company. Which obstacle to realizing benefits should you expect? A. The users have not been trained to capture before and after data points. B. Transaction volumes are 5% different than expected. C. The system is in a pilot stage. D. The infrastructure has not been in production mode for at least 3 months. Correct Answer: A Which statement about implementation timelines is true? A. They should allow for the shortest total project elapsed time, regardless of risk. B. They should have a good balance across a variety of business groups. C. The timing should be realistic, given the scope, budget, risk, and potential benefits. D. The duration should be set by a single executive sponsor so that accountability is easiest to determine. Correct Answer: C Which option is included in a business scenario? A. activity-based costing used to perform the activities. B. peak, low, and average transaction volumes C. business goal, major activities, information used, and interactions among people and technology D. list of recommended technology products, to provide automation and reduce costs Correct Answer: C Which three options are the main areas where customers will see the benefits for their investment? (Choose three.) A. Demand B. Payroll C. Operations D. Supply E. Business Correct Answer: ADEs
  3. I completed the Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies Exam last month and I passed it with 787 marks. I search multiple forums for AZ-300 study material like https://www.udemy.com/topic/microsoft-azure/ but they are not satisfactory. Finally I found some real AZ-300 exam practice questions pdf which are verified and authentic. I am recommending this AZ-300 dumps pdf to all students that are preparing to take the exam. Some of sample questions as following: You need to access user claims in the e-commerce web app. What should you do first? A.Write custom code to make a Microsoft Graph API call from the e commerce web app. B. Assign the Contributor RBAC role to the e-commerce web app by using the Resource Manager create role assignment API C. Update the e-commerce web app to read the HTTP request header values. D. Using the Azure CU, enable Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) from the e-commerce checkout API to the e-commerce web Answer: A You need to meet the scaling requirements for Policy Service. What should you store in Azure Redis Cache? A.ViewState B. HttpContext.tems C. Session state D. TempData Answer: C You need to resolve a notification latency issue. Which two actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution. NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point. A.Ensure that the Azure Function is set to use a consumption plan. B. Set Always On to false C. Set Always On to true D. Ensure that the Azure Function is using an App Service plan. Answer: A C You need to meet the technical requirement for VM4. What should you create and configure? A.an Azure Event Hub B. an Azure Notification Hub C. an Azure Logic App D. an Azure Service Bus Answer: C You need to configure AG1. What should you create? A.a basic routing rule B. a multi-site listener C. a basic listener D. a URL path-based routing rule Answer: C
  4. I took the exam and passed it with 779 marks. I prepare this exam with multiple study material like https://www.mindhub.com/v/location_selector/?path=%2Fmicrosoft-certification-practice-tests-and-study-guides-s%2F64.html but they are enough to pass AZ-200 exam with good grades. So I go for AZ-200 dumps and believe me The practice exams questions available in AZ-200 dumps pdf very similar to the actual AZ-200 Microsoft Azure Developer Core Solutions Exam. I would highly recommend this AZ-200 braindumps pdf to all. Following are some questions which are same in AZ-200 exam as well as in AZ-200 dumps: You need to ensure that the SecurityPin security requirements are met. Solution: Enable Always Encrypted for the SecurityPin column using a certificate contained in Azure Key Vault and grant the WebAppIdentity service principal access to the certificate. Does the solution meet the goal? A. Yes B. No Answer A You need to construct the link to the summary report for the email that is sent to users. What should you do? A. Create a SharedAccessBlobPolicy and add it to the containers SharedAccessPolicies. Call GetSharedAccessSignature on the blob and use the resulting link. B. Create a SharedAccessBlobPolicy and set the expiry time to two weeks from today. Call GetSharedAccessSignature on the blob and use the resulting link. C. Create a SharedAccessAccountPolicy and call GetsharedAccessSignature on storage account and use the resulting link. D. Create a SharedAccessBlobPolicy and set the expiry time to two weeks from today. Call GetSharedAccessSignature on the container and use the resulting link. Answer: B You need to resolve the log capacity issue. What should you do? A. Implement Application Insights Sampling. B. Change the minimum log level in the host.json file for the function. C. Create an Application Insights Telemetry Filter. D. Set a LogCategoryFilter during startup. Answer: A