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    Need help in mcitp exams

    I just took the 640 exam for the 3rd time yesterday and failed again. All three test scores are in the 600 range. I need help and direction on getting over the 700 score. What I have used for resources are this website, MS Press 640 book, CBT, and Train Signal videos. The 640 book is about 80% accurate for the test. There was test questions that I never read about in the 640. The Train Signal video was so so. I thought that the CBT video was a lot better for this exam. I just feel that MS Press 640 book isn't up to snuff for this test. The questions are far beyond what's in the book. I read the 640 book through real fast and then went back and re-read the book thoroughly and highlighted all the important parts. I swear the MS 2008 test question are the most obscure questions you could think of. My weak area is the Cert Services area. I did good in the other areas. I really hate that incorporated Cert Services into the 640. The 290 and 291 were real easy compared to this. Should I buy another book or just skip this test and move on to the 642 / 646? I really feel sorry for people who face the 640 as their first MS test.