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  1. TSW1983

    Exchange Server Problem

    Links are corrected now.....BTW, thanks for "contributing" to the discussion. Your insights are very helpful
  2. TSW1983

    Exchange Server Problem

    I was referring to exchange setup /domainprep. Please correct me If i'm wrong but I don't see how FSMO roles come into play here. You are not extending or modifying the schema w/ domainprep. Of course I assume that /forestprep was successful and the schema changes have propagated. I'm not trying to argue or anything, I just wanna understand how FMSO roles affect exchange /domainprep hmm.
  3. TSW1983

    Exchange Server Problem

    ooops....should've looked over the output more carefully . I'm running a multi tree forest and exchange with one of the DCs on VMware and I don't have issues. However, exchange is installed on a separate server not on VMware. I can see how VMware can cause issues...but the only time I have any is when I boot everything up and I have a bunch of errors in the even logs because one DC starts sooner than the other, etc. I'm not sure If he followed my advice and reran /domainprep...I still think his issue is permissions related.....Although I admit I'm not an exchange expert. I researched his error and it seems to point to a permissions issue. Maybe he should just blow it up and rebuild hmm. If it was me I would troubleshoot this to death ....before I chose the easy route and rebuild. P.S Everything points to permission issues: hxxp://searchexchange.techtarget.com/tip/1,289483,sid43_gci968111,00.html hxxp://support.microsoft.com/kb/314294
  4. TSW1983

    Exchange Server Problem

    I assume you are running AD integrated DNS, make sure your DNS server is pointing at itself for DNS. Try restarting the Netlogon service to repopulate the SRV records in DNS, that might fix one of the dcdiag issues. Then try forcing replication using replmon
  5. TSW1983

    Exchange Server Problem

    Yeah rerun /domainprep and reboot the server. Then run netdiag and dcdiag and like I said post the results
  6. TSW1983

    Exchange Server Problem

    Let me give you some useful advice. Some of the suggestions posted have nothing to do with diagnosing that problem. My bet is that this is permissions related as are many Exchange problems. I would do this: 1) rerun exchange setup with the /domainprep switch it will fix any permission problems that you might have. (rerunning /forestprep won't hurt as well) 2) check the membership of the exchange enterprise servers and exchange domain servers group. Make sure exchange enterprise servers group contains exchange domain servers group......and make sure that the exchange domain servers group contains the computer object for your exchange box. reboot the server one or twice after that. 3) run dcdiag and netdiag tools and post the results here. I would also upgrade to SP2. Tell us more about your setup, are you using just a single server for both DC and Exchange?. I'm also running exchange trial at home for learning purposes and let me tell you I just got done fixing a permissions problem as well....took "only" 8 hours to fix.
  7. TSW1983

    Hyper Terminal

    nothing beats Tera Term...IMHO
  8. I'm sorry, but IMO using a system state backup in this case is the worst choice, and you're just asking for trouble. This is how I would go about it. - install DNS on one of the new servers - promote one of the new servers to DC, *install DNS if you haven't done it before running DCPROMO - Transfer the FSMO roles to the new DC - make the new DC a GC - oops, almost forgot DHCP. If you have a complex scope then export the DHCP database, if not, create DHCP scope(s) from scratch. Remember to point your workstations to the new DC for DNS through dhcp scope options - Give AD some time to replicate to the new DC. Take the original DC off the network for a couple of days, if everything stays working, you're good to go. The final step is to demote the original DC, by running DCPROMO. Now, I have never done an exchange migration so I wouldn't really know how to go about it. I guess you would backup exchange, uninstall it from the original server, install it on a new server in recovery mode, and restore the database..... that's all I know. Google it up
  9. TSW1983

    Active Directory

    that's only a case if there are multiple domains in the forest. In a single domain forest you can run the infrastructure role on a GC as long as every DC in that domain is a GC. In fact, Microsoft recommends that if you have a single domain forest you should make every DC a GC.
  10. TSW1983


    the trend seems to be site-to-site VPNs, whether its IPsec or SSL. Eliminates the need for expensive frame relay circuits, or even more expensive point to point links.
  11. TSW1983

    Active Directory

    seems like you have some reading to do. Like BOFH said, DCPROMO is your friend. However, take your time and make sure your DNS is all good before you proceed with DCPROMO. Use netdiag, dnslint, and after DCPROMO run dcdiag. Probably 90% of AD problems are related to DNS. I recommend that instead of reading exam specific material, you go out and get your self a good server 2003 book. There is a book that will help you greatly: Mastering Windows Server 2003 - I love this book, it has helped me understand so many concepts I had trouble with.
  12. TSW1983

    Mcse 2k3 . My Journey And Experience

    well, then by the same token, calling tech support is stupid as well because you should already know the solution to your problem. You made some good points in your posts.....but I don't agree with you on this. No matter how much you study and how much experience you have, sooner or later you are bound to run into a problem that you'll have no answer for and you won't be able to solve it on your own. No one knows the solutions to every problem, and answers to every question. There is a chance however, that somebody has previously ran into the issue you are having and is willing to share his knowledge with you. IMO, being able to research a problem is half of the solution. BTW, thanks for a new sig
  13. TSW1983

    Mcse 2k3 . My Journey And Experience

    Yeah but what if you lose access to the web, I guess then you have to use the "phone a friend" lifeline j/k, but I now what you're getting at, and I agree with you to a certain extent. I relied on google myself many times to solve various PC issues, and it has rarely failed me. The best support site is probably experts-exchange, really an excellent resource...and google makes free access to it possible
  14. TSW1983

    Operating System In A Website

    that's a brilliant guy there, did you guys see his resume? impressive.
  15. TSW1983

    Mcse 2k3 . My Journey And Experience

    exactly, only "B" will get you anywhere. Unfortunately, too many people take the easy way and memorize TK to pass. That's why the value of the MCSE has dropped, there are too many paper MCSEs out there.