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  1. YemenDomain

    need expert advice

    i had such a issue before though i disabled the firewalls . i just shared a folder in the client machines then was able to ping them from the DC. I don't know why it worked. try it.
  2. What about your DNS server. is DNS also Hosted by the domain controller. Do you have a fault tolerant DNS server (Secondary DNS Server). I don't know anything about a CMD command, but you need fault tolerant DNS server beside the Additional Domain Controller.
  3. YemenDomain

    ISA server configuation

    HI welcome to the IT world and to Sadikhov. OK You need to assign all computer gateway to the ISA server's IP. Also on the the DNS properties go and configure DNS Forwarding to ISA too. In ISA itself assign a rule to direct the traffic from local IP range to internet for all users. Best of luck.
  4. thank you very much TechThaha for your participation but i did what you asked me to do and did not work? I gave the cafateria computer list only permissions to the Finance folder only, then gave it modify permissions to sales folder and deny permissions to others. but did not work. I also tried to got rid of the inheritance option from the sales folder. Please guys try again.
  5. The cafeteria's machine is on the same network and subnet. Actually it is used for people to check their mails while they are there. and i can't use ISA. is there another way to block it without using any third party softwares, only windows server built it techniques.
  6. NO, this is not what i meant. Only when they are on the cafeteria's computer its when i want to restrict sale personal to sales folder only but when they are on their desks they need access to all finance folders. So the restriction is a combination of users on a certain machine. Its like how can i restrict Cafeteria's machine to access only sales folder in the finance folder.
  7. Lets assume A shared folder called Finance, that is hosting few sub folders like Procurement, sales and shipping. Is accessible for all finance users when they are on their official desks. Now for sales people when they sit on computers that are in the cafeteria i want them only to get access to Sales folder only. How can i do that?
  8. YemenDomain

    Secondary Exchange server

    I would assume that you have a single forest with a single domain and you need to install and develop a replica of your exchange server. In this case you will not need to run the forest or domain prep installations, but you must be sure you have the same required permissions you needed when installing the 1st exchange server. Now run the exchange installation select join instead of a new exchange organization. once you get both exchange servers up and running move mailboxes to the new one. incoming mails will automatically reach the mailboxes on the new exchange server and clients will be automatically directed to it too. How about a cluster as the solution meant for your idea. cheers
  9. YemenDomain

    I need help with DFS

    why don't you try this. export the list of shared folders hosted by the DFS service to a text file. create your new server. and the new file server or DFS server. create the DFS with the same name. Restore the list of chared folders on your servers by importing the content of the text file created from the old server. thats it...! what do you think folks ?
  10. YemenDomain


    if you have a domain with DHCP i would expect you have reserved the server's IP addresses. This should narrow the search circle to those workstations loggedon by domain user accounts with admin powers. they are the only guys who can mess with IP address configurations. if your network is not having the security fundementals then it would be hard to find the player. if he knows how to assign ip addresses he propably have changed it the moment he got the confilcting error pop up message.
  11. sorry, the softwares i mentioned are inventory softwares. it not what jihadsoft is looking for. kidman, will installing SNMP V3 provide the administrator a interface where he can generate reports and stuff. this is what we are trying to find.
  12. 1- Network asset inventory software 2- Network asset managment software and alot similar ones. find more on google.. but one of those is good as i use the trail version.
  13. YemenDomain

    Login Script

    create a batch to copy and paste then write a script to run this batch on logon.
  14. YemenDomain

    Shared Folders

    some time a major modification of a huge unorganized work will not always be solved by scripts and so. i think you need users patience an cooaporation. no script will solve your issue completely. you can use scripts or batches to map commonly used shared folders. it will be very difficult to map diffrent folder to diffrent users. plan it well and a dwown time might be compulsary. only try to prevent key mangment figures from that an ask for the coopearation of users. organize and plan well next time friend.
  15. YemenDomain

    Manage folders security

    well, there should have a been a strict monitored IT policy to manage folder hirarichy to prevent this from hapining. the moment a department is making so many folders into each other you should force them to reorganize the folders in a way that makes it easier for you to manage it. i suggest you develop it all overagain. make a seminar where you give a training to key people who should work on organizing the file storage. crete groups too will make it easy for you and try not to make it common giving permission to a single employee. alway force the managment to put people in groups hence better and more effective permission managment.