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  1. desidude09

    lab prep stratergy for the next 60 days

    This sounds like an excelent plan to me.
  2. desidude09

    CISCO CCIE R&S Assesor Compared to IE Workbooks

    These are now replaced by the CISCO 360 CCIE Assesment Labs Each lab is $350. Very Expensive in my opinion.
  3. desidude09

    .net file for IWE Volume l Version 5 Beta

    The .net file for 4.1 should be valid for 5.0. I don't think there is any change in physical topology for the new volume 5 labs. This is my understanding. I'll be surprised to find it otherwise.
  4. desidude09

    Narbik's CCIE R&S Bootcamp in UK

    Do we have enough interest for Narbik's bootcamp in UK sometime in the Month of July/August? If I am not wrong he schedules classes on demand if there are enough candidates. If we have enough pepole here interested then we can probably check with Narbik about the possibility.
  5. desidude09

    CCIE RS Bootcamp QA and FAQ

    @msramer netmetric is doing R&S bootcamp in Bangalore....but I am not sure how good is the bootcamp....though Khawar Butt is famous for his trainings and workbooks and netmetric has also partnered with IPExpert....so their profile looks strong. But I could not find any reviews or feedbacks from someone who has actualy experienced thir bootcamp. I just dont want to blindly trust the testimonials on their website. @ryder can you please share your experience and help us all here.
  6. desidude09

    CCIE R&S - Passed!

    @Gunga_Jim what is the url for your blog?
  7. desidude09

    oral ccie question

    wish u better luck for the next attempt. don't loose the grip. did u get a score report reflecting your performance on the questions? was it the lab that you scored less or the new 4 questions?
  8. desidude09

    Nailed it, in my first attempt !

    yes it will be really helpful if you could suggest the rack that you hired please.
  9. desidude09

    Is CCIE losing its reputation and value?

    At the end of the day what matters is how much you know. I don't think increase in the number of CCIEs will in any way diminish the shine in CCIE certification. A CCIE will still be a CCIE. The point to understand here is that the expectations from a CCNA are different than from a CCNP and same applies to CCIE. Being a CCIE you will not be contesting for a CCNA level job. So, here your knowledge matters. Being a CCIE is like setting the bar higher for competition. Don't fool yourself thinking CCIE will get you piles of money or topmost position. It will still depend on a lot of subjective qualities such as soft skills, comunications skills, work experience and topmost KNOWLEDGE. Hope you guys agree with me. My apologies if this thought hurt even a single soul.