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    Hey send your running-config to divyesh.shah@yahoo.com
  2. Hi hkken, Pls dont provide a link that needs a registration. If possible get a link or upload to Image hsoting services such as imageshack Regards, Divyesh Shah
  3. Hi Derk_Painter, If you are hosts on a Single Segment are increasing the 255 limit i better recommend that you segment your network by a Layer-2 Switch or Layer-3 Switch. This will also optimise your network. Regards, Divyesh Shah
  4. Hi Yemen, I am not an Expert in ISA. But i feel that you can enable Caching in ISA to speed up your net and also recommend that you check the Bandwidth that your ISP is Providing using Cnet's bandwidth test ot any Online Bandwidth test. I don't know whether this helps you. but u can try out. Regards, Divyesh Shah
  5. Hi Buddy, That is possible if your Display controller is Intel . You can use ctl+alt+up/down/left/right Regards, Divyesh Shah
  6. Try a COPY of Spyware Doctor. Hope it solves your Problem. PM me if you want a link.
  7. Hi, Can anybody give me a working Config of following setup * One Cisco L3 Switch * Three Cisco L2 Switch (Config for one Switch enough) I want to do VLANS based on Mac-address( Dynamic VLAN) and routing on L3 Switch. I need this for my Study Purpose. Can anyone help me?
  8. Divyesh

    What Do You Think Of....

    Yes. I agree with Ghosting the Servers. Because we have an ERP Application running in our Server and the ERP doesn't have a Proper Installation and installing the ERP and Configuration takes up about three days to Come in Live. And one of my servers crashed last month. I De-ghosted my Server, then demoted by force and restored System state from my Last Good backup. It Works.. and of course a good idea too.
  9. I mean that Even if a Virus / Worm / Trojan attacks in your network then, it will always try to Communicate outside using port 25. So even if your network is attacked by a virus it wont propogate. You can Configure your mail clients to use some other port (say 2525) and at the server side you can redirect all requests to 2525 port to Your ISP or mailserver's Ip.
  10. If you need that File Restore it from the Backup or sure there is price for Everrything. You compromised on Backup now you pay for it.
  11. Divyesh

    Lab Setup

    VMWare is the best. I haven't evaluated MS Virtual Pc. But using VMWare u can simulate any type of Environment. Go for it for a better LAb Session
  12. Hey you can try this setup 1- Database Server: Install Terminal Service in of your Server and Keep the Front-end at Terminal Server and create an ODBC. All Remote Users may log-in and work through your Termainal Server .. USe a Good Firewall Like Sonicwall or PIX or CheckPoint. If you are low on budget try Sonicwall 2- accountant server: Do VLAN for this. If its not Affordable then Keep all the Accounts Users in a Separate Workgroup so others will not be able to access the System. (Applicable for small no.of Systems - 15, Since u need to create user account in each and every system for Communication) 3- Mail and internet server: Keep the Current Software as it is. But i recommend that you Block Your SMTP Port(25) and POP3 Port (110) in ur Firewall. Instead Use Port Redirection (Eg:2525 -> yourmailserver.com). Your network will be more secure. Eg: if your mail server is mymailserver.smtp.com then Instruct your Firewall to Redirect all Requests to Specified port (Your SMTP Port in Local n/w say 2525 to smtp.your mailserver.com and the same for your POP3 server)
  13. Check out PRTG for Monitoring Router Bandwidths. The free Version can monitor around 3 interfaces and Cacti is a god tool too
  14. Hey You can Use a Freeware Proxy Server like Analogx Proxy, Jana Proxy But the best freeware as i know is Squid2.5 for Windows. Its a Windows Counterpart of Squid.