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  1. Hi @ all, i want to take the Prince 2 Practitioner Exam but i can not find it in EXIN Portfolio about Pearson Vue. Is it possible to take the Prince 2 Practitioner in a Testcenter like EXIN Prince2 Foundation? regards,
  2. CruiserHH

    CCDP Exam Requirements

    QUOTE (Rob B @ Mar 29 2009, 09:45 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Argh....lol Thanks for letting me know, on to the CCIE then...... Hi i did my CCNP last year. So it is valid till 2011. Now i want to take the CCDP. The CCDP required BSCI (valid till 2011), BCMSN (valid till 2011) and ARCH. Now i plan to make the ARCh to get the CCDP but cisco ruled that i need the CCDA too to get the CCDP. Is that correct? If yes i will change to Netgear ;-)
  3. Here the description: 3. Configure a management address: Firewall(config)# ip address ip_address subnet_mask The firewall can support only a single IP address for management purposes. The address is not bound to an interface, as in routed mode. Rather, it is assigned to the firewall itself, accessible from either of the bridged interfaces. The management address is used for all types of firewall management traffic, such as Telnet, SSH, HTTP, SNMP, Syslog, TFTP, FTP, and so on. I think the ip-adress command after die "IF outside" command dont set the prompt tp Firewall(config-IF) mode. So C is correct.
  4. Hi Ive got a question. I want to make a CCDP certi. On the cisco website are the information to do this, i need an valid CCNA and CCDA. Iam CCNP for Routing and Switching. Is this the only way for me to get the CCDP certification to do the CCNA and CCDA first? or only the CCDA? regards,
  5. Hi all, Why IS-IS no redistributing of any routing protocols? Is it only EIGRP which can redistribute? THX