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  1. Could some one COMPARE and explain about IPsec SA ( security association ) and Transform Set ? I can understand individually somehow would like to understand clearly by comparing both. what makes difference between SA and Transform Set Thanks in advance
  2. Muthuvel

    simple routing question

    -Post your arp of PC2 and router1 -do the below steps to get some more idea 1.clear arp entry on router1 and PC 2 2.ping from PC2 3.check arp in PC 4.post the arp results here General terms: when you ping an ip in same network, PC never worry about gateway. It simply sent arp request ( broadcast ) to get the mac of destination IP When you ping an IP in different network, PC will send arp request ( broadcast ) to get the mac of gateway IP to build Layer 2 packet So as we all know gateway always must be the same network You can test the "Generea terms" by using GNS and wireshark . Install wireshark on PC and esatblish "cloud" connection to router on GNS. Run debug arp on the router. do ping from pc to different network and same network . also ping from pc with & with out gateway . whenever ping from pc check the debug output in router
  3. Muthuvel

    aceess-list for router input traffic

    Hi, Thank you so much for the info., However i can not see more than one work queue .. No issue with timeed-out . i have increased to 16 mins... still i can se only one cache entry ... could you pls explain ? see the below output . I have enable eigrp to send traffic on the interface. Also i pinged the same interface . i can see only eigtp related info . nothing about ping . i did see ping related info before enable eigrp. after eigrp enabled it did't come to queue instantly .. it took little time to come to cache R1#sh ip flow top-talkers SrcIf SrcIPaddress DstIf DstIPaddress Pr SrcP DstP Bytes Fa0/0 Null 58 0000 0000 18K 1 of 200 top talkers shown. 1 flows processed.
  4. Muthuvel

    aceess-list for router input traffic

    Thanks Lord .. However "Network-Based Application Recognition (NBAR) includes a feature called Protocol Discovery. Protocol Discovery provides an easy way to discover the application protocols that are operating on an interface" It show protocal base output. not ip based.. I need to see ip based output .. Could you kindly put little more efforts on this ? i have statseeker .. i can see the whole utilization .. not ip based.. is there any way by this ? thanks in advance
  5. Hi all, Could some one gimme how to find out input traffic on perticular interface ? ip accounting will help for outbound traffic. what about inbound traffic ? Can we apply ACL with debug to find out inbound traffic ? My case is i have WAN like and it's Rx is high utilized . So i want to find out who are all in top utilization thanks in advance
  6. Muthuvel

    Trace route

    Can you provide any link reg., this or some more info., ...?
  7. Muthuvel

    Trace route

    Can any one idea about tracerouter from router ... ? When i do this from PC the port number never get increse but from router (Cisco ) port number is getting increase each and every hop ..? thanks in advance
  8. Muthuvel

    Ospf Lsa 2

    hi thanks for the reply ... mmmm How you are telling that DR save the bandwidth ( i have read the same in book also ).. i couldn't get ... See let's take an example .. Assume in a broadcast network there are 10 routers R1 to R10 ... R1 is a DR R2 is BDR ... assume some changes happened in R5 router .. Obviously it'll update to DR and BDR .. so one way traffic from R5 to R1, R2 .. Next R1(DR) will update to all ospf network except R5 .here R3,R4 and R6 to R10 .. so again traffic will go all routes from R1 except R2,R5 .. ok Now forget about DR and BDR concept in broadcast network ... What will happen when some changes happened in R5 it'll update to all routes except R5 .. only one way traffic ...? can you you tell me where the bandwidth gonna save here ...? see it's up to my knowledge ... but when we user DR and BDR there may be easy administration .. but bandwidth save ...? friend let's love all the protocols like our child .. ?
  9. Muthuvel

    Ospf Lsa 2

    IN OSPF LSA 2 Link ID = OSPF DR interface address ADV router ID = OSPF DR router ID What is the really use of LSA 2 ... ?
  10. Muthuvel

    Span , Netflow

    Up to my knowledge Netflow for routers SPAN for Switches to forward traffic to a workstation which is running Network monitoring tool ... is it right ...? any other thing to forward traffic to a workstation which is running network monitoring tool ..?
  11. Muthuvel

    Logging , Monitoring Toll

    can you gimme basic command for logging ...? how to forward it to server ..? it 'll helpful to pick me up myself
  12. Muthuvel

    Logging , Monitoring Toll

    Hi friends How to enable logging .. i mean for eigrp,ospf,hsrp etc..? How to store these log message to another server likw TFTP .. can you tell me whats the real world procedure ...? pls tell me also which is good monitoring software for all traffic ..? thanks in advance
  13. Muthuvel

    Ospf @ Layer 4

    Dear Lord Flashert ... i got that point ... but what about ospf L4 operation ? will it go to L4 process or just forward to another ospf router ? If so, Bgp also works the same manner i mean will it forward to another router from L4 level .. BUt how can it possible ..?
  14. Muthuvel

    Ospf @ Layer 4

    Dear dreamer2062 ... "Protocol" filed helps to identify which kind of information IP packet contains in its "data" filed .... my ques is will this L3 information (OSPF PACKET) move layer 4 function or not ..? then What about BGP packet will bgp packet move to layer 5 function ( because BGP packet identify by TCP port 179,so layer 4) and further ?
  15. Muthuvel

    Ospf @ Layer 4

    I have a clarification ... OSPF works at layer 3 with protocol number 89 .. ok what is the message format in transport layer ..? i think encapsulation happends up to layer 3 it self than packet will be forwared is it right ? this same concept will match for other protocol ... i mean BGP information will be encapsulated up tp application level .. coz it uses TCP port number 179... or will encapsulation stop layer 4 itself then packet will forward is it right pls clear my concepts .. thanks in advance