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  1. Got a new job!!!

    1. KARNA


      Congrats Buddy ! Im still searching for one ...

  2. is also on the verge of shifting to another country under a new contract!

  3. Roykeane

    IP address conflict on the network

    There might be other PCs OR Intermediary devices who have blocked ICMP requests/replies. That is why you cannot ping it. Try other methods of finding who has that IP that you ar elooking for to assign to other PC. Good luck.
  4. Roykeane

    google earth

    Pin your location, save it as a jpg (or any other image format) and email it to your bro. Easy solution for easy problems. Adios for now.
  5. Roykeane

    Finished with sadikhov, moving to IEOC.

    I think it is not fair for FS to change things in Sadikhov's configuration for the sake of one individual. I know it will affect other areas of the website. Anyways, the guy said he is leaving, just let him leave. That is democracy... freedom of movement whether he is going to IEOC or any other place. By the way, FS, what happened to all the CBTs that has been uploaded to Sadikhov during the golden era? Deleted, copied? I am just curious. Thank you!
  6. Hi sadikhovians, I am currently searching for a network engineer or Network administrator job in Jeddah or Riyadh. Any help willbe much appreciated. Thank you!
  7. Roykeane

    Going To India

    I started the thread but have no idea on how I can close it. Assist me admins. Roy
  8. Roykeane

    My new site

    That's the truth Mark No offence to the website designers in this forum though Roykeane
  9. Roykeane

    Coffee, Marlboro lights and CCIE

    I used to study for many hours before I started getting tired in recent years. I thought something was wrong with me. Then I found out that the mind does get exhausted. My remedy was COFFEE. I drink coffee with ginger and it takes me back to the good old days! That is my bad habit... if it is considered bad lol! Roykeane
  10. Roykeane

    My new site

    Not bad. It looks quite professional. I am trying my best to design our company website and it is killing me. I am a network guy but the company people are so dump that they dont know the difference between a web designer and a network Engineer or anything else that involves computers. I am using flash editors with a free flash template that I found on the internet. Website designing sucks... Roykeane
  11. Roykeane

    Going To India

    Hello guys... I started this thread in 2005. I have finished all the courses that I intended to take in India and I am telling you all... you got to be there to know what is the best! At least that is what I have done. I have stationed myself in the great city of Hyderabad, ventured through most of the institutes and ended up in Zoom Technologies. Even though they might not give you ample time in their lab, they have good instructors. Took CCNP there and it was ok. But as someone has said earlier in this thread, be prepared for a shock in India. It is really a different place and someone even from Africa can find it a bit odd. As for me, I liked it and I still consider it as one of the best moments of my life. Cheers Hyderabad baby!!! Adios for now. Roykeane
  12. Roykeane

    4500 and 6500 catalyst switches

    Thank you all. Yes I was in a hurry and hence the stupid mistakes. Thanks again. Roy
  13. Roykeane

    4500 and 6500 catalyst switches

    Hi all. I need to find hardware and software documents for 4575 and 6590 catalyst switches. Please anyone if you can pinpoint me to where I can find them. Cisco technical website doesnt seem to have it. Thank you.
  14. Roykeane

    Abu Dhabi

    Hyderabad, China hmmm that sounds me. Have been to these places including Dubai, Damascus. Believe me I miss Hyderabad from all these because life is simple, cheap and the people are quite friendly and also you get to buy cheap motor bikes! hehehee. Adios!
  15. Roykeane

    My Story

    Niha(Chinese) all, Well, I think you have to practice as much as you can with any person who can speak in English. Believe me but reading books or watching movies alone wont yield good results. As for me I like to learn a bit from all the major languages. I know a bit of chinese, italian, french, tagalog(filipino), Hindi. I can speak fluent Enlish, Arabic and my native language. My secret is ... practice, practice and practice! Hope it helps.