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  1. I am selling my INE Voice study material and 949 token for 1500.00. I paid 2k for it but will not be studying VOICE. Let me know if your interested @ ciscocapital@yahoo.com
  2. ciscocapital

    Ccvp Lab Equipment

    check on the cisco page but at my work we use 2811's and 3845 wit hvic and nm modules for voice cards with fxo's.
  3. ciscocapital


    Does that model have a flash? dowload the IOS to your pc and transfer it to your flash, then insert the flash and hardboot the router. it should detect the first ios image and run it from there or if you want to get old school do a xmodem transfer..lol
  4. ciscocapital

    Hard Loop Testing

    Correct a loopback plug is all you will need. When I we test to determine if the Telco is at fault I usally just plug a loopback plug into the wic and send packets to determine if it is my config or the telco's.