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  1. Nar

    CCIE - Wireless

    Hi everyone, Is any one here who have cleared this Cert. As this is the brand new certificate and more demand in the industry... I am looking for CCIE Wireless track. How it worth as per the job... and career.... Inputs please... Nar.
  2. Nar

    Discount Vouchers For All Country

    Hi, any chance of Luck to have Vouchers for India, Microsoft exam for 70-291 Nar.
  3. Nar

    Discount Vouchers For All Country

    Hi amir / Others, If the 32% offer is still exist.. Please provide me a voucher for the exam 70-291(Even less than 32 % can be chocolate for me .). I need to complete this exam to get my MCSA 2003. Please send me the voucher copy to my email id: snkg24 at gmail dot com or you can send me PM as if the voucher disclosed, it can be used by other members which may not be valid to use... Thanks Nar
  4. Nar

    Click Into Drive and open Notepad

    I just resolve such issues with formatting the Pen Drive.. Other way to not loose the data is just go to "Tools" - > "folder options " -> View - > check show Hidden files and uncheck Protected operating system files.. This will show you few hidden files in your Flash Drive. Just delete all the hidden content. Remove the pen drive and re-insert. The problem will be solved only if there is no Virus in your System others... Njoy with Virus..
  5. Nar


    With the above min requrirements...add Virtualisation for more practice.. Use any of Virtualisation software for realtime exp..
  6. Nar

    ~passed~ 70-298

    Cleared 70-642 ( Network Infra Structure - Windows Server 2008 )
  7. Nar

    ~passed~ 70-298

    its not Topic but please anyone tell me what i do for Second chance and if i registered for second chance and pass my exam in first shot then can i get 25% discount or not please help me about this matter thanks in advance Hi.. You will get the Discount of 25% on your next exam but not on the same, only if you clear your First exam in First Attempt. You need use this 25% Discount offer before 28th Feb of 2009. Nar
  8. with what ? With Windows 2008 Server DVD by updating the OS. This option you can get only by running the Setup by logging as Administrator.
  9. The problem is resolved by updating the server OS. Nar
  10. Hi I have Windows 2008 Server Std Edition installed and running properly till yesterday. Since yesterday DNS Server is not running which is integrated with AD. Event viewer service is also not running and hence, Event viewer is not recording any logs. When I am trying to access DNS Server from Administrative Tools, the following error message is shown. The Server <xyz> could not be contacted. The error was : The server is unavailable Would you like to add it anyway? YES / NO. When I click on YES, DNS Manager opens with cross mark on Server Name. I have tried restarting DNS Server service manually, but it is not starting. It is giving the following error message. Windows could not start DNS Server service on Local Computer Error 1717 : The interface is unknown. I checked all the dependencies (TCP/IP Protocol Services, RPC, AD Domain Services, Ancilliary function driver for Winsock) out of which I have not found Ancilliary function and TCP/IP Protocol services under Services. Can anybody please help to resolve this issue? Thanks Naresh
  11. Nar

    Got my First IT Job

    Luck comes only once.... But ... Hard work Never show failure.... so Be confidence on your self but not on luck at Work Place... Wish You a Very All the Best. Nar.
  12. Nar

    You do not "Write" an exam

    Hi It's not racist, just a factual statement. In the U.K most of the population now seem to speak in some hybird form of English which I think is mainly due to the use of text messaging and the influence of American T.V programmes. I sometimes find that people under the age of twenty five have such a limited vocabulary that it is difficult for them to communicate what they are experiencing in life. My Thoughts Mark Well Guy's I can say as i personally spoke with Mark, he just speak as cool as he writes in his replies... And i too didn't understood this post with the title name and matter @ First time..... But some times i struggle with Words to know the meaning with Word Web Software....
  13. Nar

    You do not "Write" an exam

    I will help you marunga... in clear form.. In general most of the new buddies (of course some times we too) write " I am going to write my exam tomorrow!!!!!!! Some one help please blah blah... !!!!@###### and Mark here just instructing us not to use " WRITE ".... word as we don't write any exam in Cisco ( I hope for except CCIE written exam, but not sure) certifications... Nar.
  14. Nar

    Some important commands to protect your ISP router

    Well guy's There are two options with which you can Lockdown your Router From command prompt : Autosecure from GUI using SDM : One-Step Lockdown. Both do the same job.... disabling all the un-necessary services and that helps you increase in speed too...
  15. Hi sandy, This Symantec completely changed the interface and look from 10.xx to 11. Just recently using this version.. so need to explore more.. mean while i like to ask you once question... Did you faced any issues while deploying into client systems.. am deploying in workgroup and domain environment.. Nar Hay... the problem resolved in my network by little change in firewall. You need to add 445 TCP port on firewall exception list. Even the file and printer sharing uses this port for allowing the network communication, you need to re-add this port. Nar.