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  1. We are looking at purchasing Fortigate Firewall appliance but then they recommend FortiWeb is well? Why do we need both, can't we just replace with one or even with Citrix netscalar?
  2. pochacco

    70-291 question

    it didn't ask you so there is no need. In real exam try to answer that they ask and not over do it
  3. pochacco

    Switching Careers From Mathematics to IT

    CCNA is the way to go. nowaday you have to have MCSE+MCITP to find an system job...I spent more than 10 years to obtain them... if you have ccna there is already a decent job on the way...network is the way to go, without network system can't run.
  4. pochacco

    Is worth to complete 70-270?

    Go for Windows 7 one, it's not to hard to do too
  5. pochacco

    Some questions about Windows 7

    absolutely true, even printer drivers has to be 64bit on 64bit OS
  6. Wii on my PC

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    2. Lethe


      Just one among the many http://wiiemulator.net/?p=24#more-24


      Been using the Wiimote as laser pointer in my classes in the past :D It was quite funny eheh

    3. faisal.saleem


      Hi, pochacco ..welcome back..

    4. pochacco
  7. pochacco

    I passed an ITIL exam

    Me too, I studied the OCG material free from the web and successfully got 100% on ITIL V3. However I have to paid by myself
  8. pochacco

    Checkpoint vs Juniper

    From my Exp Juniper is enterprise routing, and checkpint is Firewall, Cisco is switching and routing so depends where you want to head towards to
  9. pochacco

    Help in Microsoft career

    If you are CCNA keep going with Networking CCNP, CCIE, JNCIA etc as networking has a better career than System
  10. pochacco


    ITIL is service delivery, but if a person only has Prince 2 that means they know methodology but cannot deliver.
  11. pochacco

    MCTS Vouchers

    Any MCT can offer me a free exam voucher? I am stuggling to find another role and wish to have just one exam voucher for my birthday. Any MCT can help?
  12. Finding a better Job

  13. IE 9 cme out in Russia and its a copy of GoogleChrome :(

    1. mip104


      Sad to hear that, but it is not the final version yet, it is the Beta one ... right?

    2. Lethe


      Not a big surprise, never saw something original (not ripped off) from MS labs...


    3. mip104


      Firefox with Personas add-ons is really cute for changing the skins

  14. Anyone can help I want to take TOGAF 9 to become an Enterprise Architect

  15. pochacco

    Small Cheat Sheet to share.

    Thanks for this, Any chance for a similiar one for switching?