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  1. Thank you for your response. Actually I have already tried and went through cisco steps but no luck. I heard there is some bugs in Android from last two years. Did you try yourself. or if you can give me specific link for the same. I will really appreciate it. thanks
  2. We are using Cisco Call manager 9.1.2 with IM / Presence 9.1.1. I have tried to use Jabber for IPhone and find no issue. but when I tried to use Sony Xperia Z2 android ver. 4.4.4. I am facing issue with Phone Service cann't connect. I have checked cisco website for the compatibility but it show Samsung , sony Xperia Z2 is compatible. Although I am able to connect with IM only. Please help. Thanks
  3. Adding a second ASA

    Well, its mean you are successfully connect two ASA at least and running right. In mine case I am even not able to connect ASA with any other device. STandalone ASA is working fine but when I tried to connect it with Router or Cloud / virtual PC using gns3. ASA console is just disappear after couple of seconds. Could you tell me which windows you are using and and what version of gns3 did you tried? Many thanks
  4. ASA in GNS on win

    Dear, Everything work smoothly but now I am facing another problem that is when you work standalone ASA its fine, but when you connect it with any other device like router/virtual PC even there is no Qemu windows is coming. Just the link between device become green indicating its Start but no qemu windows appear. when I tried to console it. putty appear for a couple of seconds and then disappear. Please help. Thank in advance
  5. ASA in GNS on win

    Saket, I start to use old version of gns3. one another problem arise, when I connect ASA with Router 3745. ASA doesn't start even. but when I am trying stand alone ( no router ) then it working fine. What could be the issue? If I am not able to start ASA with router then what is the use ? Thanks Waiting for your reply.
  6. ASA in GNS on win

    Dear Saket, For windows 7 the compatibility tab doesn't solve the problem. I tried many many times. but still no display showing when you access ASA. but when I installed old version of Gns3 it is working fine on it. compatibility tab showing when this problem working last time, I selected xp s2/3 and open the program, no luck.
  7. Forgot password of Juniper SSG 550

    still no luck dear, I tried this many times as suggested in other forum but I dont know what is the problem why it is not working.
  8. Forgot password of Juniper SSG 550

    I think you don't read my question properly, just glance you will get my answer of your solution.
  9. Forgot password of Juniper SSG 550

    Ok, just to update. netscreen as user and serial number as pssword doesn't work. stil login failed!!! I don't what is the function of Rest config button. even it did not help me out... Any solution Plz
  10. Forgot password of Juniper SSG 550

    Thanks for your reply, Actualy I connected through console cable and I tried to login serial number as user/password but doesn't work. I tried netscreen as user/password but same thing. Did you ever tried netscreen as user and password is serial number on using Juniper SSG 550? Right now I am out of office, once I will get back to the router I will try. What is the function of Reset button in front of Juniper. I tried so many time even its not boot up nothing happens. using other forum suggestion I tried many things, like hold that reset button for coulple of mins but useless. Thanks
  11. Thanks dear, @ laf_c , well for a small network, I think it too expensive to go for th L3 device. @ bluefin, I am looking this software but as there any option to redirect all client PC traffic to use a machine as proxy or gateway. Manually it is not possible to put proxy to the user but automatically if possible to direct all user traffic to this device? Thanks
  12. Forgot password of Juniper SSG 550

    Dear, I forgot the admin password of Juniper 550 SSG. I tried to factory default by press "reset button" on juniper front side. but it doesn't help me out as well. I kept press but nothing happend. Any idea plz. Thanks
  13. Dear, I would like to ask about how to manage bandwidth? We are seven friends and all of us sharing same ADSL 2MB bandwidth. Sometime the internet speed become very slow due to some of us using video or downloading. I would like to know whether as there any way to assign each of my friend a bandwidth so that can just use their own quota or any other way at least to control them. Because some time even google search engine is taking long time to load. I know one option that is using proxy server but still that is for monitoring purpose and nobody can sit all time in front of proxy server to monitor them. ADSL router is wireless enabled also. Please let me know if you have any such information howto solve it. Many thanks waiting for your reply.
  14. ~passed~ 70-298

    Hi everyone, Yesterday I given exam 649- there was three section. First section 20 questions and I got 1000 points 2nd section 9 questions and I got 940 points 3rd section 20 or 19 questions and I got 970 points. Everything came from the above mention VCE except few of question that are not mention in the VCE.
  15. ~passed~ 70-298

    Hi everyone, Yesterday I passed my 270 exam with 921 marks. 10-13 question was came outside of the Karthik VCE and there was no sim also. Wish everyone good luck for exam. AH