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  1. I opened a topic for this a few days ago with no replies
  2. Hello all, I am out of work for the last 5 months and I used the time to get a few certs, now I want to look for a job. to do so I need to re-write my CV and i don't know what exactly the HR guys look for. I would appreciate, if some of you guys put some good CVs here for reference.
  3. Whts the problem if microsoft makes it easier for you to apply your settings through GUI? In the end its not about if you configure your system in GUI or command line, its about WHAT you configure your system with. And in both cases you have to understand what you are configuring. However, there are some people who think using black shell screens makes them cool because it is more difficult.
  4. What country?
  5. PEC = Partner E-Learning Connection If you have a cisco partner account you can login to that site and access remote labs, which have real equipments to practice on.