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  1. k_ejtehadi

    I Pass The Exam ,.....

    Many congratualtiaons brother for passing your exams i am preparing for CWNA if you can SUSPENDED FOR NOT FOLLOWING RULES. MEMBER WARNING LEVEL = 100% This Section are Dedicated for Certification & Technical Discussion Request, Posting link & Email are not allowed on this section..Please refer to the shares section and Read FAQ i have already passed my MCSE, CCNA so i will help you in that track please email me.. Tahir ABBAS Network Support Engineer MSc, MCP,MCSA,MCSA(Messaging),MCSE, CCNA Saudi Arabia salam brother tahir abbas if you want any helpfull material for cwna,i have a post in STUDY GUIDES REQUESTS AND SHARES forum that you can download any of them and also request for other material if you want i can help you to pass the exam bye
  2. k_ejtehadi

    I Pass The Exam ,.....

    hi thanks my friend, if you want any dumps plz see:STUDY GUIDES REQUESTS AND SHARES forum bye
  3. k_ejtehadi

    I Pass The Exam ,.....

    Hi, I would like to know did u get all the question from the dumps?please guide me which dumps to follow? hi i told you if you read official study guide,it will bw enough for pass,if you want to gurantee for passing exam you can use extra materials,i must tell another time after read the official study guide,then you can try CBT and [productbanned] video ,it may help you if you complete the the book you can use material,i share some of them in "STUDY GUIDES REQUESTS AND SHARES" some questions are exactly the same but some have a difference, if you want you can pass it,
  4. k_ejtehadi

    I Pass The Exam ,.....

    hi mip104 have a nice day,good luck in your upcoming exam(i dont know what is ,....) thanks
  5. k_ejtehadi

    I Pass The Exam ,.....

    hi its not dificult,but it has some tricky question if you read official study guide(4th edition) you will pass and its enough,but i use some extra material such as transcender,bosson for planet3,pass guaranteed it take so much time and maybe useful if any one like to have them i have a post in "STUDY GUIDES REQUESTS AND SHARES" and share this materials. pay attention ,please do not use TK ,i never use TK for this exam,maybe for others its good and helpful after this exam , i study for CCNA myself, thanks for help and support
  6. k_ejtehadi

    I Pass The Exam ,.....

    hi everybody i pass pw0-100 and now im CWNA certified thanks for help and support bye
  7. k_ejtehadi

    This Forum Is Dead

    hi everybody is there anyone that recently pass the exam? or some one that are reading the study guide? or take this course? lets talk about the exam,questions and answers and help to active this forum thanks
  8. k_ejtehadi

    Cwna - Certified Wireless Network Administrator

    thanks i will take an exam witin this month please pray for me bye
  9. k_ejtehadi

    Wireless Networx

    hi its not a correct question as Troya81 said it depends on your plan and your use. but you can choose CISCO or LINKSYS regards bye
  10. k_ejtehadi

    Got A Question

    hi i think your problrm is solved okkk bye
  11. k_ejtehadi

    New Moderators

    hi havoc25 congragulation
  12. k_ejtehadi

    What Is The Best Wireless Device?

    hi everybody thanks my friend with your guide i can choose the suitable one thanks regards
  13. k_ejtehadi

    Wireless Router

    thanks alot thats a good challange its so useful thanks a lot bye
  14. k_ejtehadi

    What Is The Best Wireless Device?

    i want to buy some device for my company barnch i must only choose one of the choice plz help me on this which is the best? thanks bye
  15. k_ejtehadi

    13 Steps To Protect Yourself On The Internet

    hi thanks your post is so good and better than is a challenge within the foum thats good