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  1. it's me

    Domain Controller Issues.

    Hi NeviDimka, If that didn't resolve it, I've got a few things you could check. 1. to check if this is related to permissions on SYSVOL, just give all authenticated users permissions. If file permissions are the problem, the problems would be gone. 2. Reset the default domain controller policy user rights, used this procedure a couple of years ago when I had similair problems. Wordked for me back then. Here's the link how to: hxxp://support.microsoft.com/kb/267553, also recreate the default domain policy user rights, see link: hxxp://support.microsoft.com/kb/324800 3. if nothing else works, there's a procedure called rebuild sysvol. I never done this one on a production environment, however I did the procedure in a test environment. See link on how to: hxxp://technet2.microsoft.com/windowsserver/en/library/21280b7f-9f14-4ff9-8c0d-ec0e555522f01033.mspx?mfr=true But maybe if you want to go this far, you could also consider reinstalling your DC. If you save the content of the sysvol folder, you can always recreate the gpo's from the saved content. Don't recreate the default domain policy and default domain controller policy in that case! Good luck When posting please check if it contains active link
  2. it's me

    Domain Controller Issues.

    Check this link: hxxp://support.microsoft.com/kb/294257 Should slove your problems.
  3. it's me

    ~passed~ 70-298

    Hi all, I passed my final exam to get my mcse last friday. Score was 984. For this one I used: - the MS MOC book - few Virtual servers for practice - experience - the grandmaster vce. All the question of the exam where on the grandmaster vce, sims as well. So special thank's to grandmaster! So, now this journey is over, let me give you some tips on how you can do it. I guess there are 2 ways to study: option 1. do a testking, pass4sure, etc. and study it again and again. At the end you will know all the answers and pass your exams. If you do it that way, it's OK, many of you do it, but what are you going to do when you find a job and they expect you to have the skills needed? My guess, you won't be able to hold on to this job for a very long time. So, for all of you who are still interested: option2: - get the books you find are good study material, instruction vĂ­deo's could also be an option - if you can, follow a microsoft course in a MS certified test centre - use technet to dig in deeper to the subject. Feel free to look at other tech sites as well. - set up machines yourself, using virtual machines is the best way for it. - practice scenario's (form the books or video's) on these machines. - if you can practice on the job, real experience is the best way for you to learn. The exam's and study material are very different from a real job - If you have done all this, or part, then prepare for the exams with a TK, pass4sure, etc. I would recommend a testking which has explenations to go with the answers. This way you know why your answer is wrong instead of just learning the correct answer. - Use the sadikhov forum to look for corrected answers and maybe discuss why. I you have done all, or most of the above, you will not only pass the exams, but you know your stuff. You are now ready to look for a job and learn more in the field. If you already have an IT job, well, maybe you get a raise, or, find a better job which allows you to grow even more. P.S. I would like to thank the members of the saikhov forum for your replies, you have been a great help!
  4. it's me

    My Learning Experiences

    Thanks for the share, Getting a cetification does not mean you can cut it in real life. You learn far more on the job day to day, after a few years on the right job you really learn it, help of experienced colleges speeds up the process. Another IT job or the about same job with antoher company helps, you probably experience other things you haven't seen before. But if you put in the time to study with help of books, courses and all the other stuff at hand it speeds up the process even more. Plus it adds some structure and insights you don't always find on the job. Overall there's more to learn and a study to become, for instance, a mcse is a good way to motivate yourself to learn. I start working in the IT field in 1989, the DOS age. When I graduated I thought (or wished) I never had to learn again. Now I force myself to keep up, going for some certifications is one way of motivating myself to do it. And let's behonest, a certificate to add to the list is always welcome and helps to find another job if you want it. And everytime I learn new things, in books, on courses and even on a TK I sometimes find answers of problems I encountered on the job. I guess the main point is; how you study doesn't matter that much, books, courses, TK's, experience. Pick the mix that's right for yourself, everything is better then doing no study at all and you always get better by that one way or the other.
  5. Hi all, I've read about new TK's which one states there not valid, another one stated there valid. What's up? I am going to prepare for 70-290, already did learn a few books and have a enough experience. For preparation I like to use the TK's and they have been a great help to me so far. But I'm confused right now. Can anyone update me on this matter, can i rely on old TK's, or should I rely one new TK's. If anybody knows for sure, please explain it to me. Please help! Arno
  6. it's me

    ~passed~ 70-293

    I passed the 70-293 exam, it's the 3th on my quest to get mcse. Alreay have 70-298 and 70-291. I prepared with MOC book, test (virtual)servers and the TK v35 PDF and TK v34 vce by sunil. Read the TK twice to work on my weak areas, the rest i left up to my experience. The test had 3 sims, all of them from TK v35. The exam had 43 questions in total, about 15% of the questions where new to me. These are not on TK v35, didn't use any other material, but I doubt the questions are on P4S or AC. The new questions are not that hard, you do not need to worry about them. I you prepard with at least a book, you should know most of the new questions. All the other questions where on the TK v35, most questions where clustering, NLB and security related(CA, encrypting, backup, etc). I took me 2 hours to answer (and read) the complete the exam. I found this exam as hard as 70-291, although I expected it to be less hard. A funny thing happened on the exam, 2 other guys started the exam at the exact same time, after 15 minutes they where finished with scores of 905 and 966. I mean, just to read the questions takes at least 1 hour and that's without answering them. My guess is they prepped the answers, then answered them without even reading the questions. How else can anyone finish in 15 minutes, i ask you? I don't know how you guys (and girls) think about that, but prepping with the use of TK, P4S or AC is one thing, but just prepping the answers doesn't seem the smart thing to do. The whole point of passing the exam is to learn and get better in it, not just getting another piece of paper. Now, ofcourse I can say for sure that they are not just the best guys the IT field has ever seen, but i wonder if, in real life, they really can cut it. But hey, my guess is there what you cal a paper MSCE. Next on the list 70-290, already read the server 2000 MOC book, so I hope in a few weeks I should be able to do the exam. Anyone got tips? Arno