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  1. Darby Weaver

    I want to setup small VoIP network (8 users)

    Sounds like a request for a paid consultant rather than a request for help with how to learn technology. www.cisco.com is loaded with information on how to proceed.
  2. Darby Weaver

    Black Friday Cisco Press SALE 2017

  3. Darby Weaver

    Black Friday Cisco Press SALE 2017

  4. Darby Weaver

    CCENT and CCNA projects - volunteers needed :)

    Nicely done! Thanks Darby Weaver
  5. Darby Weaver

    Laptop HDD wd 500gb not detecting by OS

    Watch this one:
  6. Darby Weaver

    Laptop HDD wd 500gb not detecting by OS

    In one of the examples I saw - the guy took a SATA Drive and replaced with an IDE Drive's circuit board and interfaces and it apparently worked well. Step by Step. Darby Weaver
  7. Darby Weaver

    Laptop HDD wd 500gb not detecting by OS

    Hmm... Is it making any noises? I had one of my portables go bad recently - it was a 2 TB and it showed up from time to time - luckily this one had no data on it. I seemed to remember about 500GB on there when it first went bad about 2 years ago but it appeared to be an empty file system when I used another laptop that I attached it too. I lost 3 1.5TB drives from my old NAS Appliance. It said two were going bad a few years ago and now I pulled them all to get a second opinion - since the failures were "S.M.A.R.T" and three not just two failed CHKDSK - even though I suffered little or no apparent data loss on them. There is another trick for a situation like you have on youtube: Take the drive apart by the screws and use a good hard drive's connector's and the green circuit board to connect to your old hard drive and now you should be able to access the data on the bad drive. It seems the issue may be with the metal connectors getting a bit dirty (even though they are seemingly protected from getting dirty or scratchy). Youtube shows how to perform this type of data recovery - I have not used it yet but I have saved my drives that I have and purchased very tiny screw driver and bit kits so I can try this when the opportunity arises. Thanks Darby Weaver
  8. Darby Weaver

    Jobs in 2017?

    I'm doing well with Network Architecture, Engineering, Administration, and Management. I've been working remotely for 6 or so years now and don't see any reason to change. Thanks Darby Weaver
  9. Perfect Timing!!! I've just rebuilt and repaired one of my HP XW8600's with 128GB of Ram and upgrading to 32TB of Hard Disk on both Workstations - each supports 16 monitors using the NVidia Video Adapters. I just found 48Gb of 8GB DIMMS I plan on planting somewhere and pulling a 4 of my Dell 2950 (labeled Google Appliances) out of mothballs - each has 12GB of Ram and 1TB of RAID 5 Storage - not a lot but they are for my front end web services for some of my Data Center stuff - will be soon enough. I have a Cisco N1K (C1010-S) with 32GB of Ram and 500Gb Mirror that I'm getting ready to upgrade to 32TB and maybe purchase another to match it. I have a Dell 1950 with 16GB of Ram and my CCIE Collaboration Virtual Servers v9.1 that I'm probably going to go ahead and upgrade to 48GB of Ram and the 500GB Drives to 32TB for hosting other options. My Drobo is currently equipped with 8 - 3GB WD Drives and I'm going to upgrade it to 64Gb with Raid 5 + 1 Spare and use QTY: 3 16TB Volumes or so with the remainder of the storage. It was officially maxes out with 48TB but only because it was only tested to the 48TB per notations I have located. Anyway... Lots of work ahead of me. I'm taking my laptops to 16GB Ram on 2 of them and 8GB max ram on another with my main laptop having 32GB - each will get a 2TB Hard Disk except for the Precision which will get QTY: 2 2TB Drives. Needless to say all of these upgrades take a moment to implement. I just rebuilt a small Windows 2003 Active Directory Domain and plan on using it for management and backwards compatibility with NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 - seems some of my work and files are un-readable today and I still have need of some things. I'm going to moth ball a lot of my physical servers after these upgrades are complete and I've moved everything from P to V. That it... GNS, Packet Tracer, and UNL/EVE are making a believer out of me... Later Darby Weaver
  10. Hmm... From my perspective - The Cloud all started with Virtual PC, then VMWare - both at the DC. Next came the Co-location Facilities with F5 Load Balancers and ASA, Juniper, or Palo Alto Firewalls and the occassional SideWinders. VMWare was taking hold so everything went from P to V - and then people were using the word CLOUD more and more... From there I picked up the CSS, ACE, A10, and Foundry Load Balancers and the Cisco MDS Family of Storage Area Network Switches... I didn't have the plan all worked out. Then the Cisco UCS 5108's and the C1010 Nexus 1010, 1010-S, and 1010-V hit me and I started learning Data Center Network Manager. Well... DCNM led from version 5.x all the way to 10.x and UCS Director in the middle... Almost skipped a stint with Dell and AFM - Active Fabric Manager for Microsoft, Cap Gemini and others... lots of others... The M1000e was big and still is. the The Microsoft Project San Diego aka the Cloud Builder was quite the project... And that's pretty much how I landed in the Cloud... although to tell the truth - we've been in the Cloud since we started hosting apps and other stuff remotely the whole time in my opinion. The site gives some tools - I work with languages that are part of the products I've had to touch but I really just create what I need and edit the rest. I think I'm more or less ahead of the learning curve since the major players seek me out by name and try or do employ me... I'm still a noob with the stuff. Thanks Darby Weaver
  11. Darby Weaver

    Who Remembers Windows Version 1.0?

  12. Darby Weaver

    Describe Yourself...

  13. Darby Weaver

    Do Not Disturb!