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  1. Dear all In our country, popular IT websites are always under attack. I am not the programmer. but know programming a little. I would like to know how to make sure our db driven website can be made secured. regards Real
  2. Real McCoy

    Replacing Defective router

    on what level/ condition do u still have access on defective router? copy running-config in flash or text file. and overwrite all on new router
  3. Real McCoy

    VLAN config help needed

    you should ask on https://learningnetwork.cisco.com. which is official cisco network where most CCIEs are active to answer your 24/7 posts all the time.
  4. Real McCoy

    portable HDD error

    is it free software?
  5. Dear all I have "Connection failed (An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions)" that problem whenever Hexchat or Xchat or any IRC clients want to connect to any IRC server. I would like to know why. It was working before. I didn't change any settings. I would like to know how to check if isp block or not using wireshark. regards Real
  6. Dear all as office 365 and office 2103 is the latest, I could not find trial version of viso version 2010 download link on microsoft.com regards Real
  7. I have one friend whose HDD was dropped or something wrong. it is NTFS When i scanned the drive on my computer, Disk Management, it showed that we need to "initalize disk " there are many data important data inside. What can we do? If I initialize, all data inside will be lost ? how can I rescue? regards Real
  8. Dear all I have an offline learning webportal which size is 20 GB in total with index.html or index.exe or start.exe and other videos and audio folders. I would like to send this learning suite to remote field offices with DVD 8.5GB. so may be 3 x 8.5 GB DVDs to each office. I would like to know how to do. Actually I would like to name Disc 1, 2, 3 in series and after DisC1 is inserted, it should appear dialog box as press enter to download to "D:\Learning\" and after copying to that location is finished, the prompt to insert Disc 2, and Disc 3 and so on. After that, we will get complete webportal offline learning suite in desired location :\learning. and that will save buying USB external HDDs to each office. I dont know how to implement this. regards Real
  9. I got it fixed using Postscript driver. Thanks anyway.
  10. Dear all ON my windows 7 with HP LaserJet P2055d printer installation with both normal and universal driver PCL 6 driver, I got the following error printed on every first print out. GET /DevMgmt/DiscoveryTree.xml HTTP/1.1 Host: It is wasting paper and ink. How to fix that? regards Real
  11. I tried both PCL5 and 6 already. not ok.
  12. Dear all My computer is printing to HPLJ9050 on the network as it is network printer with its own IP. I installed through HPJetDirect CD to install printer on our network or use its own CD. It was fine for a couples of weeks. Later I found whenever I printed, I found printed documents are still in the print queue instead of disappearing automatically. I restarted spooler (by net stop /start) . I deleted all printers and reinstalled all printers. but it is not ok yet. Hope anyone could help this strange issue. regards Real
  13. Real McCoy

    how to root Wondermedia WM8650 tablet

    It is done and solved now
  14. Real McCoy

    pings to behind router

    how can I tweak linksys to accept my ping ?