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  1. yes it is worng . pl go through the book cvoice cisco press 3rd edition they have the same model explained. Rgds,Mani.
  2. networkmania

    Help..Need information

    Thanks for info
  3. networkmania

    Help...Need information

    Thanks for the info. Regards Networkmania
  4. Hi I need your help to find out this information. I have completed CCVP CVoice V5.0. Now I want to continue my CCVP rest of the paper. Is it need to be complete by 23June09, or I shall continue as per 2 Cisco Path. Regards Networkmania
  5. networkmania

    Help..Need information

    Hi One of my frnd recently passed CCNA. I need to know whether he is able to sit for CCVP (Without CCNA for Voice) b4 23June09. Its not clear to cisco site. Regards Networkmania
  6. networkmania

    Guide to get your PMP Certificate

    Really great info. Congrats Walid Elsahar for your success on it. I have just started, let c when I can complete it. Regards Networkmania
  7. networkmania

    Ccvp Requirement

    U shd check with Cisco site. That is the best site to help u out. As per my knowledge QoS paper will be the same for all professional level exam. Best of luck. Regards
  8. networkmania

    How To Play Knowlegenet Videos

    Hi I think its a problem of FLASH Player. Download from macromedia site. After that if it asking for any settings or something like that then u have add the folder under flash settings to run it. But whatever problem u r saying, it seems problem with flash player. U have run the index.html file only. REgards
  9. Hi Chk the license first. Though CCM6 is having demo license. Still suggest to check the license. Regards
  10. Thanx very much networkmania for your effort. I really appreciate. I downloaded the Vmware 6 Workstation edition and burned with DVD but have the same problem I think I've planned to download CCM 5 and check it on that. Thank you all for your time and help. Sorry man. U can refer my post on CCM5 Crack. Which will help u to crack CCM5.
  11. I am very sorry that I am unable to help u. U can try this steps :- Burn the DVD. and run on the actual system. Whatever u r having. I am not asking u to install it on the Master system. Just try and c that u r able to overcome the problem stage or not. Then atleast u come to know that its a VMWare settings problem.
  12. If u r installating in RND purpose then, leave the GW blank and try.
  13. May this URL help u. _http://www.sadikhov.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=106540
  14. Hi again, I'm checking to run on a workstation running Pentium IV 3.0GHz and 1GB RAM. Does the CPU speed affect the installation. Please advice No. Does not matter. I am having Celeron laptop. Try to extract the image in HDD and check u r able to extract it.
  15. Dear I also have downloaded from same site. Without any problem I am able to install it. But I have install with DVD. R u able to exact the image in local system? Just try. If not then may be ur image is corrupted. Else u can burn the image and try. Best of luck