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  1. is it possible to have two gre tunnels using same source but each tunnel has it's own destination??
  2. Hey all, I'm configuring EM on CME. I followed the instruction on this page: But the phone's service menu doesn't show any services. I wonder if I missed anything? Hereunder is my related config: voice logout-profile 1 pin 1234 user sara password 12345 number 3231 type normal ! voice user-profile 1 pin 1234 user saraem password 12345 number 3231 type normal ! ip http server !telephony-service em keep-history em logout 17:0 18:0 url authentication ! ephone 1 device-security-mode none mac-address 0023.EB51.F90A type 7962 logout-profile 1 Thanks
  3. hi guys, i have a problem with 1841 cisco router, when i power the router on it doesn't go for POST and give me the following error appears System Bootstrap, Version 12.4(13r)T, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1) Technical Support: Copyright © 2006 by cisco Systems, Inc. Correcting the primary nv_flash anyone for help plz
  4. Set "direct-inward-dial" command to the outgoing POTS dial-peer on voice gw(if this dial-peer is used as incomming dial-peer for incomming calls). :-) thank you alot , it's working
  5. hello guys, i have a problem in CCM 6.0, the problem is when i an an incoming call on my DID number it gives me a dial tone and i should enter my extension, my DID range ends with 3XXX and my internal extension is 1XXX voice gateway has 2 translation rule one for incoming and other for outgoing voice translation-rule 1 rule 1 /^33/ /13/ ! voice translation-rule 2 rule 1 /^13/ /33/ outgoing calls working properly i want when i have an incoming call,it rings on the extension directly without enteing the extension again thx in advance