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  1. Hello All, Am a Network Engineer with a PTO using CDMA 1X.I have a problem with the Radio Access Controller BAM and the Emmergency work station.The problem is that the BAM keep on re-starting and swapping with the EWS. I have checked the BAM in the RAC even the EWS(EMMERGENCY WORK STATION)Please can any one help me? The operating system for the BAM ---microsoft windows 2000,server family,built on NT The error message when the BAM is booting is---DMI INDICATION:event type "status changed from ok to lower non-critical'reported for 'voltage probe'group. Can any huawei expert or any other computer wizard help to resolve this please? could it be a virus attack?
  2. oseahumen

    Wep Cracking

    hello Debratd, Pls can u help me with the password for the [productbanned]. Oseahumen
  3. oseahumen

    Wep Cracking

    Hello Debratd, I really appreciate ur timely and logical method utilised to answer my questions,I think i have learnt a lot from u.pls can u post the link for the [productbanned] here so that i can download it. i tried my hands on the aircrack and it looks kool and very easy to use.Many Thanks to u.pls help on the latest worry!!! Oseahumen
  4. oseahumen

    Wep Cracking

    hello debratd, I appreciate the stuff,ur indeed a genus.I thank u very much.The problem i have now is how to study linux cos i am a novice. Can u help with a windows compliant wep cracking tool,i just want to demostrate that wep is not secured. I will be very happy if u can. Cheers. Oseahumen
  5. oseahumen

    Wep Cracking

    hey, Actually thats how the file is but when i open it,it does not diplay except for some un-audible, incoherrent sound that comes out.. can u pls help me on how to open it,i op u will not be offended. I really want to view how wep crack is demostrated.pls i need ur help,thanks in advance. Oseahumen.
  6. oseahumen

    Wep Cracking

    hey, I downloaded the stuff with the link u posted here but to my utmost dismay i found out that the content was a musical file.pls try and check what u posted and correct or did i not download it well? Pls i need ur help to unravel this.thanks Oseahumen
  7. oseahumen

    Wep Cracking

    hello can u pls post the video,i will really like to see it. Thanks and cheers Oseahumen
  8. oseahumen

    Passed Cwna With 100%

    Hello All, i want to inform u all that i finally sat for the cwna exam today and i got 100 percent. The stage is now set for cwsp and ccna.Can anyone tell me where and how i can get study guides for both exams and the good one too. This site has never failed anyone that relied on it,i wish to thank u all for ur frankness Oseahumen.