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  1. hotdogs

    [tutorial]Recover deleted Cisco IOS

    hahahaha, this is too funny once you delete an IOS of the router its gone. this guy is just getting it back onto a router using a tftp server on his computer and the IOS is being sucked from the computer to the router. not being recovered from the router magically.
  2. hotdogs

    CCIE voice study group

    i thought this wasn't supposed to be a "me too" or "add me" thread/.....
  3. hotdogs

    1st PC vs Your Current PC

    1st pc - 286 current pc - 386
  4. hotdogs

    Finished with sadikhov, moving to IEOC.

    try groupstudy. there is a lot of crap, but if you need help on a certain topic, then someone there will help you out.
  5. hotdogs

    Change of plans

    wow.... thats amazing./
  6. hotdogs

    Goodnews from NMC

    i would go with INE simply because they have scott morris. If you get stuck on something, you can post it on groupstudy and most of the time you'll get a response from scott.
  7. hotdogs

    MY 2nd R&S lab attempt March 17

    I don't think an MBA is a cash COW either, but it all depends how you use your CCIE or What ever skill you have. good luck on the next attempt. I really think, to pass the lab your heart has to be into it, if you are half committed you will fail.
  8. hotdogs

    I wanna buy CCIE lab , which equipment I need to buy?

    I agree with Mark here. Buying your own kit can be expensive.
  9. hotdogs

    A quick one ..

    any lab is worth the effort if you are learning from them . Any online reviews for this bok on amazon?
  10. hotdogs


    I would look at what you do now. More Enterprise or Service Provider. CCIE r&s if you do enterprise and ccie SP if you work in the ISP space.
  11. hotdogs

    A question about CCIE jobs in UK

    We are trying to help you man. Its actually really hard to give you the advice you need over the internet when we don't really know your background. You say you've had minimum amount of experience and that all we can go from. where can you start, well, it will be difficult in the UK. The economy is bad, so its going to be very difficult to say where you can start. Like others have reported there are lots of experienced people looking for work right now, and i'm sure employers are going to go for the most experienced person that can do the job rather than a fresh CCIE who they will have to train. Remember you can't learn experience, you actually have to put the time in to get it. I would hold on for a while. No one knows when the economy is going to improve.
  12. hotdogs

    R&S workbook

    immediate? i don't think that's true... i remember hearing about this 50% thing in that company news conference they had to say they weren't going to go the cisco 360 route.
  13. hotdogs

    A question about CCIE jobs in UK

    You can go any where in the world and if you have a CCIE with no experience you are not going to get a CCIE job. Plain and simple. We are in tough times, so you will find everyone will want you cheap. I think employers want people with proven experience so they don't have to spend on training.
  14. hotdogs

    U.S. Security 2.0 lab date needed

    why don't you just book after April 20th?