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  1. maskboy

    remote site NAT problem!

    Man, with this config ı can ping from pc to server1(remote site server). ı think this is important but ı want to do that, when you write real ip xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx pc web browser its must direct to go server1(remote site server). (with nat translation)
  2. maskboy

    remote site NAT problem!

    ı dont think this route is a problem. it isn't necessary for this topology. So when you ping from pc to server2(remote site), it is success.
  3. maskboy

    remote site NAT problem!

    ı dont understand why but ı couldn't attach packet tracert file. I attached packet tracert router and switch config file. You are right ı want to NAT xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx real ip 80 port to remote site server(server1).how can ı do it? server0 ip config ; ip address : subnet mask : gateway : server1 ip config ; ip address : subnet mask : gateway : router0.txt router1.txt router2.txt mutlilayerswitch.txt
  4. maskboy

    remote site NAT problem!

    ı know that, when ı translate real ip to central office web server, its works fine. but ı want to translate it to my remote sites web server!!
  5. maskboy

    remote site NAT problem!

    ı attached packet tracert sim jpeg
  6. maskboy

    remote site NAT problem!

    hi everyone ı want to NAT real ip to Remote site Web server. How can ı do that? when ı nat to it local site web server , its good work fine. But ı didnt solve how can ı nat it to remote site web server. ı have packet tracert sim that topology but ı didnt attach it. how can ı send you packet tracert file? anyone have any idea this nat problem? thanks a lot
  7. maskboy

    wireless 802.1x authentication

    hi everybody I have some problem with 802.1x at wireless platform. I want to use PEAP 802.1x with my Access Controller. First time with cable ı joined the computer to domain. After ı want to use wireless connection to access domain(with 802.1x). At the login screen (before authentication) ı think client hasn't autheticated because the client didn't send credentinal. so when ı enter the user crendetinal the clien't didn't authenticate (because it hasn't receive a radius via wireless connection) how can solve this problem?
  8. ı install rıs server to server 2003. dhcp and everythink is ok. boot with f12 and write admin password after choice automatic setup.at this time everytink is ok. after this choice ı take a error message this "unable to display operating system (OS) chocies" the server XXXX cannot to display OS choices you may not have sufficient network permissions to view the OS choices on the server, or the server might not contain any OS images. ı take a two images success. and permissions are true. ı gave every permission .sif file. pls help me..