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  1. Yes those videos are good. I have used similiar videos for 70-659 exam.
  2. Yes, We need to keep up with the technology and Cloud computing will be next target ..
  3. Have you taken your 70-685 yet?
  4. Has anyone got any idea about those scenario questions? what kind of scenarios are they ? any examples ?
  5. Hi What kind of scenarios did you get, can you just explain a bit.
  6. Can't I upgrade my MCSE 2003 ?
  7. Depending on the switch configuration, I would create two different VLANS and assign those 2 subnets(let's say vlan100 and vlan200). So each port on the switch will be a member of either vlan100 or vlan200 and every vlan has it's own gateway.
  8. I don't think it does unless you reboot or clear manually....
  9. Everybody has got their own topology as they go along with different modules. On the pinned topics you might find discussions about different modules like ospf, eigrp etc...
  10. This is really a nice work.
  11. I think you need to install Java and Framework ..
  12. Any configuration on that interface will be helpful..
  13. That is okey, you are welcome. If you really understand this, that is it for VLAN based ACL concept. In any knid of situations, or occuring problems, i always check ACLs appplied on both SOURCE and DESTINATION VLAN (in/out) just in case.
  14. In his example it is L3, but you are right, if it is L2 only INBOUND... GOOD POINT
  15. Let me explain like this: int vlan 202 ip access-group NETWORK_ONC_IN in ip access-group NETWORK_ONC_OUT out in here NETWORK_ONC_IN in This will allow or deny everything in vlan 202 to be able to GO OUT of this vlan AND ............ in NETWORK_ONC_OUT out This will allow or deny access COMING INTO vlan 202 That should clear off some question marks on your mind ..