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  1. cool
  2. I bought ThinkPad T420(2520M 2.5Ghz, 8gb ddr3 sdram, 320GB HD)(April 2011 release, 3 years warranty) capable of running VT/VTx/Vtd --> enable this on CMOS after you bought. The HD is not enough for me, am planning to buy 1tb on my salary day. Now I have setup via Vmware: Root Forest ---> win2k8R2 Sp1 (1gb Ram, 40GB hd, NAT) win2k8 R2 Sp1 Foundation (1gb ram, 40gb hd, Host-Only) Windows 7 SP1 (1gb Ram, 20gb, host-only) Hope this will help me pass on 70-640 R2. Now figuring out how to play among this VMNetxx to add for Root forest.
  3. can you rephrase your question please --> downloads?
  4. You amazed me..
  5. Practically, I recommend if you have a friend willing to guide you throughout the labs and Michael Jang's book...
  6. sec+ 2007?? IMHO, sec+ 2008 supposed to be...
  8. Chapter 6 please... and congrats of passing the RHCE exam
  9. take note also on your SE policy if it is on....
  10. please read this, if you didn't understand, then repeat reading again..
  11. 7 days? That's too over exaggerated. Not unless you're a guru.
  12. I myself voting RHCE too... the best practical exam based ever, i rather think a challenging job rather $$$ offer, because it is my passion of work...
  13. MBR? or are you referring for partitions? check your active partitions.