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  1. jackie

    Hello CCIE candidates

    Hello everyone, I am more than a decade old member of sadikhov. I started with my CCNA certification, in 2006, along with this forum and we had such a wonderful group at that time. We all helped each other understanding the technologies by any means available to us. I have been inactive for a very long time but I am back and will be around to help you guys if you require. And.. by the way I made it all the way to a CCIE! I will be around for CCNA CCNP and CCIE sections. Jack
  2. jackie


    The only book I can recommend to you is the book written by Richard Deal CCNA Study Guide. You won't regret buying this book.
  3. jackie

    Cisco Safeguard Integrity Of Global Exams

    Does it matter? Accept the challenge.
  4. hello... Do you know about passing; Securing Networks with Cisco Routers and Switches (SNRS)? Do we get certificate after passing this one? thanks
  5. jackie

    Snd Last Day To Test

    Yes man, SND 642-551 is going to expire 31Dec2006. And you must take the new SND 542-552 after that date. Check this link; [http://www.cisco.com/web/learning/le3/le2/le37/le54/learning_certification_type_home.html]
  6. jackie

    Snd Next Monday: Am I Ready?

    Hey Astroarnaut, I've heard that the exams are fairly easy if you prepare with tk. All the questions from the exams are an exact copy of tk. And if you have already know all your stuff, then you don't need to worry even if you get one or two new questions. If you have the actual exam questions in your hands, then you are more than ready. Go for the exam.
  7. jackie

    Snd 642-552 Exams

    Hey the_lover_pharoah, The kNet being big and tough to finish, Can you help me finding this material please http://www.sadikhov.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=66603 or you know a better way of getting all the knowledge for SND? thanks..
  8. jackie

    Snd Last Day To Test

    Nah...I dont think so! It says either 551 or 552.
  9. jackie

    Snd 642-552 Exams

    At cisco press.com i dont find any books set to be released. Neither was there books specifically to prepare the old SND. Only the new knowledgeNet has to be released. And I think it gonna be more than 1000pages But anyways I think we need to wait and see.
  10. Is someone here preparing for the new SND and is taking or have already taken the new exam? thanks
  11. Does anyone know what change has occurred in the newer SND 642-552. And can it be prepared using the kNet 642-551? thanks....
  12. jackie

    Rapidshare Premium

    Thanks Tech1; Thanks for your information. I read between the lines and figure out something. It works.
  13. jackie

    Rapidshare Premium

    Hi all; When i go to the [nofileshares] web page to buy a premium account (through inet-cash, PayPal are not supported for my country.), Only the direct pay option is available. ALL other options are disabled. Hey guys, is it only for my country they are disabled or its global.
  14. jackie

    Amazing Water Therapy

    I believe in what you said. Water is the most essential nutrient in the human body. About 70% is water! So what we need the most is H2O. Time to get hydrated!!
  15. jackie

    Learn Wildcard Mask In 5 Minutes

    I think it would be much easier (for exams) if we subtract the octets from 255 255-255=0 255-255=0 255-240=15 255-0=255 so the wildcard mask is But to know whats really happening behind the scene, spacyfreak told us above.