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  1. Qamar

    show ip bgp

    I want to know what are these two metric values !!!!!!
  2. Qamar

    show ip bgp

    Hi everbody, I also have same kind of querry, pls check the following show ip bgp output: NYT-FP-RTR7609#show ip bgp BGP routing table entry for, version 200485 Paths: (4 available, best #2, table default) Not advertised to any peer 17557, (received & used) (metric 10) from ( Origin IGP, metric 0, localpref 500, valid, internal Originator:, Cluster list: 17557 (metric 10) from ( Origin IGP, metric 0, localpref 500, valid, internal, best 17557 from ( Origin IGP, localpref 400, valid, external 17557, (received-only) from ( Origin IGP, localpref 100, valid, external Here are two metric values against first 2 routes 0 and 10, pls inform their differences and also is it a MED value used in BGP path selection. Also the difference in Not advertised to any peer, Advertised to update-groups etc Thanks, Qamar Zia
  3. Qamar

    BGP Default Route

    There is no reply yet :-( pls answer it
  4. HI every body, Hope you all will be fine. I have a question regarding BGP default route but before this let me explain the scenario. We have a metro ethernet network with 5 POPs (7609) connected with fiber dual ring, IGP in use is ISIS and also MPBGP being used for carrying MPLS VPN routes. Further more lets assume 5 routers are like A,B,C,D,E, network design is like A and B are route reflectors and C,D,E are route reflector clients of A and B. Also C,D (route reflector clients) and A (route reflector) have EBGP sessions with uplink service provider for advertment of IP classes. EBGP connectivity of C,D and A is with two uplink carriers and its also redundant i.e D has two EBGP sessions with X uplink service provider and A,C has EBGP sessions with Y(uplink provider). in short both EBGP sessions with X are terminating on D and Y has one EBGP session with C and other with D (BGP path attributes being used for influencing out and in traffic) now the question is we have configured static default routes on C pointing towards Y and through command of default-information originate this is redistributed in whole network. The question is I want to get default routes from all uplink providers through BGP and propagate it in whole network but in a way if EBGP interface of C goes down than internet traffic shouldnt be disturbed, immediately default routes of D or A should take place in routing table. Please help how can i achieve this, what will i have to do, should i redistribute EBGP learned default route into ISIS or should i use BGP path attributes for preferring one default route over the other. Please answer in detail...........Thanks in advance. Qamar Zia
  5. Kindly inform which DOC_CD ?
  6. Hi every body, I am confused between backplane capacity and throughput terms. Can any body explain differences between two in simple words. Also whats the backplane capacity and throughput of cisco 7609 router with SUP 720 route process (per line card and in total) ? Thanks, Kami
  7. Qamar

    Virtual Template

    Thanks It was helpful :-)
  8. Qamar

    Virtual Template

    Dear All, I have a question that why do we use virtual template ? And also the command ip un-numbered loopback 0 or gig0/1 is always used, can we assign this virtual template IP like other interfaces. We have a BRAS connecting PPPoE sessions and i cant find the good explanation of this question. Please help. Kami
  9. Qamar

    Cisco policy shaping

    hi, i have a cisco 7609 router and following configurations are there for controlling bandwidth. class-map match-all premium_3mb match any policy-map PREMIUM_3MB class premium_3mb police cir 3145500 bc 393216 be 393216 conform-action transmit exceed-action drop violate-action drop Can any body explain these configurations to me specially these CIR BC and BE values. Thanks, Qamar
  10. Qamar

    Ios Upgadation Problem

    HI every body, Hope every body is fine. I have a Cisco 2514 router and i want to create a remote access VPN on this device. But the current IOS doesnt support the advance IP services like crypto map etc etc. For that i want to upgrade the IOS but it doesnt show me the flash when i give the command like copy tftp: ? it doesnt show the Flash where i could copy the new IOS. Router#copy tftp: ? null: Copy to null: file system nvram: Copy to nvram: file system running-config Update (merge with) current system configuration startup-config Copy to startup configuration system: Copy to system: file system Althgout when i give the command show flash than it shows the IOS in flash: Router#show flash: System flash directory: File Length Name/status 1 11118184 c2500-c-l.123-26.bin [11118248 bytes used, 5658964 available, 16777212 total] 16384K bytes of processor board System flash (Read ONLY), Please help me that how i can upgrade the IOS and also inform if any body knows the suitable IOS.