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  1. Hi Guys Where can I go these days to download Windows Server 2008 Train-signal tutorials? Also where can practice questions & answers be found? Thanks
  2. Ftag, I think q107 is D not C. Others appear ok.
  3. Thanks for that BOFH. Thought that may be the case. The exam has came through as: 072-270 Academic: Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft Windows XP. I think I should be ok and have managed to save quite a few quids. Don't really want to contact microsoft as the training centre booked me in as a favour to save me money. I didn't do a course with them or anything. MS may somehow expect you to have done a course or summit with them to get it at the cheaper rate, I dunno. Anyhow as long as they're both the same thing I'm not worried.
  4. Hi Guys I've been studying for 70-270 and booked the exam through a test centre for monday. However it has came through as 72-270. Are these both the same exam? I am hoping it is just because the test centre booked it for me at a discounted rate that it is called 72-270? Similar happened with my A+ but bit concerned just in case. Can anyone kindly enlighten me?
  5. Awh man you got me excited. Thought you had posted the transcender. Can anybody help me obtain it?
  6. Yes have tried the vce method it's good. Where do I get the transcenders, measureups etc though? I'd love the transcenders but can't find em anywhere. Can someone plz pm or e-mail me the transcender for 70-270 or even point me to where i can get it?
  7. Have read MS Press Training Book (didn't finish questions in it tho), also watched [productbanned] videos. Finishing off doing tk v37 now. Are all the questions taken from tk? Should I be ready for the exam?