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    i'm interested in networking.
  1. To enable Task Manager do the following: To enable Task Manager that was disabled by some virus please do the following to get back access. Click on “Start” then on “Run” or alternatively you can press Windows Key and R to open ‘Run prompt’ or see “Run prompt” image. Now type “gpedit.msc” without quotes in the textbox and hit Enter key. This should open ‘Group Policy Editor’. Now follow to: User Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> System-> Ctrl+Alt+Del Options or see image of “Group Policy of Task Manager”. Now on right side pane you will find “Remove Task Manager”, double click it. It will open “Remove Task Manager properties”. Now select “Disabled” radio button and click Apply and OK and you Task Manger is enabled or see image “Remove Task Manager properties”. This is how you can enable task manager disabled by virus or any malware. If for any reason you cannot access Group Policy Editor’ (XP home does not have Group Policy Editor’) then you can try alternate method. Press Windows key + R and copy paste following lines in the textbox without quotes and hit Enter key. “REG add HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System /v DisableRegistryTools /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f” Now you can open Task Manager but if cannot open then restart your PC and then try to open Task Manager. Still you have any problem then drop comment with Operating System name. I’ll try my best to solve your problem.
  2. Have you configured Time Delay in any of the DHCP ?
  3. Hi, How to share internet connection between 2 nic' installed in server 2008. My Setup as follows, Server 2008 with AD, DHCP, 2 NIC's. 1 NIC is connected with my ADSL router and another NIC was connected with Local switch. From switch, 10 more client (Win 7 & XP SP3) are connected. I want to share that(ADSL) internet connection with my clients. Where clients are getting IP from DHCP present in Server 2008. How to achieve it ? Note: Things i've tried. Tried to establish ICS in NIC-1, my client machines are getting IP from DHCP, but no connectivity for Internet. Tried to establish NAT between 2 NIC's, still no internet connectivity was reached. Help me to complete this setup. tkz in advance....
  4. Hi, Which is best option of firewall for small setup with 50 workstations. Main goal: web content filtering via windows domain/ ADDS
  5. arun_cdm

    Recover deleted file

    Try, File Scavenger - Data Recovery Program. It works very fine for me.
  6. Sorry members, After some couple of weeks the above mentioned code was not working. Looking for some more methods.
  7. Tkz kamtec, yes your words are r8, It USBDETECT works cool. Tkz kamtec, tkz a lot... But the probelm is my antivirus (Norton Small Business) not allowing this tool to run, it automatically delete the tool.
  8. Tkz for ur response Lethe. At any time if u comes to know abt it, convey me...
  9. I want to make log file for things being copied from workstation (Win XP & 7) to USB Storage device. Whatever things being copied to usb device should be logged in a file. i.e., If user copied a file named abc.txt from local dirve,( path: "c:\abc.txt"), this file name along with path must be recorded. Is it possible? If yes, how to acheive it. Note: Workstations are connected in domain architecture, working with Win server 2008 Std. Edition R1.
  10. tkz lethe . . . gone through the book. Its really awesome book.
  11. Tkz Lethe & laf_c. Good suggestion . . . Actually i plans to go for VMware. But some of my friends ask me to do Citrix. Basically i'm zero in linux. So, i was much confused.
  12. Hi all, I'm 1.5 Yrs exp in Win Server Admin. Holding CCNA, MCITP Server Admin, CEH. Now plans to study virtualization technology. What can choose between CITRIX or VMWARE. What about job opening for both. I need more info abt these cert's. Thanks in advance...
  13. Hi all, Finally i got solution for forwarding the outgoing mail by using including a tiny vb code. Here i've mentioned the code. Private Sub Application_ItemSend(ByVal Item As Object, _ Cancel As Boolean) Dim objRecip As Recipient Dim strMsg As String Dim res As Integer Dim strBcc As String On Error Resume Next ' #### USER OPTIONS #### ' address for Bcc -- must be SMTP address or resolvable ' to a name in the address book strBcc = "someone@somewhere.dom" Set objRecip = Item.Recipients.Add(strBcc) objRecip.Type = olBCC If Not objRecip.Resolve Then strMsg = "Could not resolve the Bcc recipient. " & _ "Do you want still to send the message?" res = MsgBox(strMsg, vbYesNo + vbDefaultButton1, _ "Could Not Resolve Bcc Recipient") If res = vbNo Then Cancel = True End If End If Set objRecip = Nothing End Sub To implement this, 1. Enable the "Developer Tab" in your outlook. [To enable Developers' Tab, Goto File --> Options --> Customize Ribbon --> Choose Developer] 2. Goto Visual Basic. 3. Expand Project1. 4. m$ outook object --> Double click "This outlook Session" 5. Below that place the code.
  14. arun_cdm

    Best software Firewall ?

    Tkz to all . . . Tkz for taking ur time . .. Yaa, i tried squid , but the problem is peoples using Mozilla are able to bypass the rules. . .. Let i try the tools mentioned above and get back to you guys.
  15. Hi all, I've installed SQL Server 2008 Std Edition on Windows Server 2008. Client Machines using Win 7 Business Edition. Developers have to connect and work on database which is present in the server machine. I've two group of users. one group have Administrator previledge, others don't have admin previledge. Problem is both group users were not able to access the database. how do i connect my users from client machine to the server machines' sql database. Note: If any tutorials (with screenshots) available give me. Refer the image. ----------------------------------------------- Sorry for poor communication.