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    Can Anyone Hack My Network

    "What is security like for most wireless networks? Pretty much what it would be if 4 out of 5 homeowners did not lock their front door." Lock down your home wireless network, easily add other computers and monitor for intruders in one simple application. Visit :
  2. number1

    Here Is A Securtiy Case

    Here is A Securtiy Case : Printer connected with USB to computerA shared so all user on LAN1 can print . Same painter connected to the network LAN2 directly using the Ethernet RJ45 port . THE BIG question can anyone hack or access the computerA on LAN1 from any computer on LAN2 if the only physical access between the two LAN's is the one mention above which is the PRINTER . Anyone know the answer ?? let me know . Regards, number1
  3. number1

    Salary Survey

    SALARY SURVEY Salary Stalemate The ninth annual salary survey from Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine. More info here : For free Download: Click the following url for the complete, 30-page, 2004 Salary Survey :
  4. number1

    How Much Do You Spend For Internet

    me 2 but far more then $30
  5. here what I say : if the company PC jone the domain you can reset the password with domain administrator. to do that logon as a domain admin on that PC and go to : Start |Settings |Control Panel | Users and Password try that and let me know if's work or not . for the PC which is not jone any domain & the (Administrator) account LOCK you can use passware software to unlock . for more info visit : h**p://www.lostpassword.com/windows-xp-2000-nt.htm
  6. the following URL what you need : http://www.sadikhov.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=13715&hl=
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    Most Heavily Advertised Spyware Apps

    No Shocking for me
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    It really depends on the direction of your career you can go for SY0-101 if the security your direction plus SY0-101 is Elective Exam for (mcse 2k3 & mcse 2k3 : security) . good luck
  9. number1

    Recovery Password For 2000/3 And Xp

    I used passware password recovery sucessfully