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  1. Hi Gurus of Solaris (Now Oracle), I need to know if the exam 310-105 is still valid (I want to take this exams in the next Month). I know that oracle buy SUN. I try to find the equivalent of this examn (310-105 "Sun Certified Solaris Associate") in the page of Oracle, but I can not find. Can Anyone tell me if the exam 310-105 still valid? and what are the same examn in Oracle, it could be Oracle Certified Solaris Associate? Regards Andres
  2. Hi Gurus of Cisco, Is possible to set up an IPSEC Configuration using a Ethernet/FastEthernet Interface. I am using GNS3 and I want to configure IPSEC in both routers but using ethernet / Fast Ethernet Interfaces, Is posible do This? Thanks for yours suggest Andres
  3. Thanks very much for helping me!!!!! space0677. Excelent TIP!!!!. If a have doubts, sure that asketh
  4. Hi gurus of Security. I have the following scenerio: A segment LAN and in the other segment LAN, the Server. For example, some day I move to desktop of person that sitting in from of me. And see that if is using the Wireshak and he was snifing the PC of the director. When ask him, why do you doing do?, He din't answer me. The question is: How I would know is some people is using Wireshark, How I would know that some people are using your card network in promiscues mode? and listening to they should not be listen. Regard Andres
  5. Hi Gurus of Networking, I have a question: I have a connection VPN to my Branch Office, but some day the Network administrator send an e-mail and he tell me that I must be disconnected the VPN. But In that moment I don't use the VPN, Someone was coneccted to the VPN I think. The Question is: I want to know if exist a System or tecnology that when you access a VPN, the firewall (or equipment that manage the VPN) register the MAC address of the Station/PC that use the VPN? For example If someone know my user/pass of my VPN can do anything in my branch Office, and the Network Administrator would think that I do it. When I'm not the person that use the VPN. Thantk gurus for your suggestions or advice Andres
  6. Hello Sadikhov, Any want that tell me a forum abour Cellular network like sadikhov Forum? regards
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    What is the reemplace of [nofileshares]?, please In the link: http://[nofileshares].com/files/218582584/CCNP_ONT_Student_Guide_Version_1.0_Vol.1_2006_.rar