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  1. hkphooey


    Did it last week and I'm sorry to say that it was exactly the same. I'm sorry because Cisco certifications don't mean shit anymore because of P4S, TK et al. Won't wish you good luck, because you wont need it!
  2. hkphooey

    Passed Snrs 642-503 Today

    OK. I passed this yesterday with 1000. The sims were as follows: int fa0/12 switchport mode access switchport port-security ip inspect audit-trail no ip inspect alert-off loggin access-list 101 permit eigrp any any access-list 101 permit icmp any any ip inspect name CBAC http ip inspect name CBAC ftp int fa0/0 ip inspect CBAC out int fa0/1 ip access-group 101 in THATS IT. I got 1000 like I said before so go figure. Laters.
  3. hkphooey

    642-522 Exam Questions

    I would imagine, being that the new exam is out (642-523) they will not change the questions in 642-522 so the P4S 2.12 is good enough.
  4. hkphooey

    Snpa W/o Visual Aid

    Well, the real answer is study hard, go to the exam and work it out for yourself. Of course, hands-on experience always helps. The alternative answer is look through all the posts and this site! Surely someone must have answered it already
  5. hkphooey

    Cisco "this Is Not Fair"

    Well I took the CCIE written to recertify all my exams, but they took away my completion status. Before I had 642-502 and 642-521, but to get my CCSP I have to retake ALL exams even after getting the CCIE written. Sucks but such is life. They are forever updating the software and features so I guess it makes sense...
  6. Yo peeps, A long time ago I took the 642-501 and now I see they changed it to 642-503. I need to recertify and I already got the book 642-502!! So I read the book (which lacks things like ZBF but I read the Cisco document on that, no big deal). I did the P4S and ActualTest (no point in failing something I already passed a couple of years ago) and I'm planning in scheduling the exam for next week. How often do Cisco update their questions anyway? Is it like monthly? Bi-monthly or just depends. I was wondering becuase next week of course is Sepetember and things just might change.... Still, now that I think about it, doesn't really matter cos I'll pass anyway...but now I got the question in my head...any ideas anyone?
  7. hkphooey

    V 7.2 - Pix 520

    I just upgraded 8 PIX525 to version 7.2(22) with no problem whatsoever, except for the bugs in the version of course! Ciao,
  8. hkphooey

    Passed Cwna With 100%

    Won't get the opportunity to share anything in this thread. Why not? Because there are too many useless messages of congrats so I'm closing. Read the FAQ.
  9. hkphooey


    jejejejejeje ooops I was laughing in Spanish......ehem....hahahahahahhahaa good one!
  10. hkphooey

    Qos Q

    I'm no expert in QoS but it seems very strange to me too. Have you asked them directly about this? Like why do they configure Be if there is no violate action? And is Bc set in bytes? The why can I burst 24Mb? You could make them look quite silly. Regards.
  11. hkphooey

    Passed Ccie Written - 350-001

    Hey man. I didn't mean that. Don't take it the wrong way. I mean you have the written exam - so what? You can't call yourself a CCIE just with the written exam. That's what I meant. The written is hard exam with lots of lots of knowledge required to pass. But, it is just that. A written theoretical exam. Need to get your hands dirty.
  12. hkphooey

    Passed Ccie Written - 350-001

    Good start: TCP/IP Volume I and II CCIE Self Study 2nd Edition BCMSN 3rd Edition + usual sources of reference. That's enough to get you through the written exam. Cisco are not too bothered about that cause they know written is for sh*t if you fail the lab Regards.
  13. hkphooey

    Passed Ccie Written - 350-001

    I wouldn't exactly call it a joke as long as people understand what it is - a theory exam. I for one am going to take it to renew my CCNP etc. At the very least it has made me study and bring me up to date. That's all I wanted. If I want real credit I have to take the lab. I know that. Everyone knows that. You won't get any browny points with that sort of attitude though.
  14. hkphooey

    Cwna Compared To Ccna

    One is Cisco specific, the other is not. One is wireless based, the other in networking based. So why did you decide to go for the CWNA, as it really has little to do with the CCNA? Do you want to get a wireless certification because you are using wireless? Do you want a non-vendor specific certification that is generally recognised? Then go for the CWNA. But don't imagine that it is "like" the CCNA as they are two completely different vendors. Regards.
  15. hkphooey

    Trouble Shooting

    Indeed Marcus. But this being a 1720 comes with internal flash. No PCMCIA for example. Therefore best bet is the flash is corrupt or needs upgrading/downgrading. Still think it would be easier to get it swapped! Regards.